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June 27, 2011

Baby Shower

I think today it officially hit me that I am about to have a baby. Better late than never, right? 

Today was my baby shower and OH MY GOSH I got so much stuff! More specifically, lots of pink stuff! We better hope our next little nugget is a girl, otherwise our little boy is going to have to deal with all of his toys being pink! 

The shower was at the clubhouse of the apartments we are moving into at the end of the week (hall-a-lu-yer!) and it's nice a roomy so we wouldn't be cramped.We weren't expecting a bunch of people, since it's summer time a lot of people are on vacation right now!  My Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother worked their tails off for the last few days to get everything set up.  This morning when I called my Mom to see where they were she told me that she was at the clubhouse waiting on the maintenance man because the air conditioner wasn't working!  Of course it wasn't, why would the AC work on the day of my shower when it's hot as h-e-double hockey sticks outside?

I drove over there because I had to drop a few things off and it actually wasn't that bad inside.  It definitely could have been worse.  My Mom, on the other hand, was sweating like a hog because she had her feathers ruffled about it being broken.  The poor guy who came to fix it said it was frozen and that it may or may not turn back on. I had a mini freak out in my head but remained calm..I mean, worse things could've happened and we were getting fans to bring in.  

My Mom though.  Oh boy. She let the poor maintenance man HAVE IT! She was pissed and yelling at firmly informing this guy that we were getting our money back (there was a $175 rental fee and $175 deposit) and blah blah blah.  He was seriously scared for his life.  She left to go get ready and me and my aunt Rah Rah finished setting up.  

Any-who-zle...the AC actually started working about halfway into the shower and between that and the fans it wasn't bad at all.  My Mom ended up talking to the manager and we got all of our money back...HOLLA!

Oh oh OH! And on top of the AC breaking, my cake was all jacked up too! It was supposed to be white icing- it was yellow.  The princess crown and writing on the cake looked like my 3 1/2 year old niece wrote it.  Believe me, my Mom said she was going to take care of that too! I didn't really care about the looks of the cake because it still tasted sooo good! If you've never had a cake from Publix you're missing out!

We got SO many great gifts! Sleepers, bibs, bows, toys, our baby monitors, a play gym, a super cool mobile, clothes, gift cards...so much more! Too much to list!

It's a good thing we are moving this week because I am ready to get all of PDizzle's stuff set up. People, the nesting is seriously about to be at an all time high!

Adam and I are so thankful for everyone that came and gave us such great gifts! We've also received a ton of presents from other people that we already have at our house so I think we are officially set on the things we need (with the exception of a few things)!

A friend from work is selling me her Medela Double Electric Breast Pump for $20.

BOOM! Talk about a steal..I'm pretty pumped (no pun intended) about that!

All we need now is a crib mattress, curtains, the bouncy/vibrating seat, more bottles/pacifiers....oh

Speaking of needing the baby...I could not be more ready-physically.  I'm fat, swollen, can't breath, can't move, acid reflux is taking over my life, I eat more Tums than I probably should, I've peed enough in the past few weeks that I have heavily considered sleeping on the toilet, shall I go on or do you believe me when I say I am ready?

I'm hoping at my appointment this week that I've made some progress and we can get this party started.  My doctor will not let me go past my due date which is comforting because I think I'd literally die.  Or explode from fatness. If I am dilated even just 1 cm by the 15th then she will take me then.  So either by the 15th or no later than the 22nd I will have this little meatball outta me, and honestly, I couldn't be more excited!

Adam came to the shower and was assigned "picture duty".  Part of me is regretting that because not only am I fat and swollen, I've got to get my hair done, and I've gained one big fat roll on my face.  Rather than having 43 chins, I just have one big one and it's taking over my face.  The pictures just make it worse.  If you can bare it, here's a picture over load below!

Click on them to make them bigger..but beware: It will enlarge my already large self!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome shower! And I think you look wonderful :) I am getting to the point where the lack of sleep, acid reflux and the size of my backside are so awful that I am ready to have this baby soon! Once she hits full term I will be praying each day she makes her arrival.

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  2. Looks like you and Baby P racked up! Enjoy the last few days of just you time....your life is about to change (for the good)!

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  3. Are you using Depiaza(sp?) or Ray? I am using Ray, and I have not been told that she will not let me go past my due date. I am jealous!

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