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June 21, 2011

35 weeks

how far along?
 35 weeks...why is it going by sooooo slow?

total weight gain?
The scale on Monday said 148, which would put me up 27 pounds...BUT, I didn't take my shoes off this time, so I am subtracting one pound.  I'm saying I'm officially up 26 pounds and you can kiss my butt if you think the weight of my shoes don't matter! 

stretch marks?
None...although Adam has informed me that he can "see where my stomach is about to start hanging"?! Whatever that means, so he told me to make sure I always wear my support belt thingy.  

Non-existint at this point.  I've also had a sinus infection so I can't breath for the life of me! Another issue is Princess Adam taking up the entire bed.  I look over and he's surrounded by 15 pillows smack dab in the middle of the bed.  Add my big ol' self and my pregnancy pillow and there's no room left.  Someone is about to start sleeping on the couch. 

best moment this week ?
I started my weekly doctors appointments.  She checked me and said that I wasn't dilated any, but Presley had dropped some and my "cervix has centered"?! I don't know what that means and Heaven forbid I even ask her.  I guess I was still recovering from the Q-tip swap across the bunghole Group B Strep Test..which, by the way is not what I had worked myself up to be.  

worst moment this week?
This stupid sinus infection.  It started on Thursday but I felt my worst yesterday.  I literally thought that I might suffocate on my own snot.  I asked my doctor is she could just give me a shot, but instead she gave me a prescription for a ZPack which has helped a little bit.  I think it's making me super nauseas though.  I also had a pretty dramatic sneezing attack in Michael's yesterday.  My eyes were pouring water so I think everyone in the store thought I was crying.  

I also have started peeing literally every 10 minutes.  That's not an exaggeration either.

Always.  She gets the hiccups about 3 times a day.  Earlier in my pregnancy people always said,"oh just wait until she gets the hiccups, it's such a cute feeling!" Well, you know me-Negative Nancy-I don't like it.  She is also running out of room in there which makes movement really painful!

Pancakes and waffles.  I had to send Adam to the store to get more syrup and he came home with some kind of "all natural" crap.  I prefer Aunt Jemima and think that right now is not the best time to switch things up on me so I was a little ticked.  But since I've been sick I can't taste the difference anyways.  Poor Adam, he wants me to eat healthy so badly. 

A little Princess!

labor signs?
I don't think. But when everything hurts all the time how do you tell the difference between labor and regular pregnancy symptoms?

belly button?
The top is an outtie, and the bottom is an innie.  I give up on a dramatic change of the BB.

what I miss?
Not waddling,  being able to sit up without Adam either pushing or pulling me, breathing, sleeping, you name it- I miss it.

I don't even know what this means any more.  Everything is a symptom. 

what I'm looking forward to?
My baby shower on Sunday! I'd be lying if I said I was most pumped about presents and visiting with friends and family because we all know I am most excited about the cake.  Publix bakery is the bomb.com and I plan on gaining 32 pounds at my shower.  Ok ok ok, I am excited about seeing everyone and getting presents too :) 

weekly wisdom?
When you're almost 9 months preggo and you have a sneezing attack, it's best that you just go sit on the toilet.  Because chances are, you're going to pee a little...or a lot.


  1. I am totally jealous of how wonderful you look!
    Almost there :)

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  2. I hated the hiccup feeling too. And TM still gets the hiccups all the time. And just fyi...it's still annoying.

    Not too much longer. And you look fabulous!

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