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June 15, 2011

34 weeks

how far along?
 34 weeks...THE LIGHT!! I SEE IT!!

total weight gain?
I didn't gain any weight from my last doctors appointment, leaving me up 25 pounds still.  I honestly don't know how that's possible because I ate SO much food cake at my Dad's wedding.  I guess it paid off though that I was sweating like a hog the whole time!

stretch marks?
None still! Although, I don't know how much more my skin can stretch without getting them. My stomach is so tight!

SUCKS DONKEY BUTT! That's the only way I know how to put it.  I wake up about 4 times to pee no matter if I drank just one sip of water or a whole gallon.  Then on top of that, if I want to roll over I have to literally pick up my stomach and move it. Then there's the re-arranging of the pillows, trying to not wake my unborn child up so she won't kick me for an hour, then falling back asleep before it's time to wake up and pee again.  I may try sleeping on the toilet in the next week or so.

best moment this week ?
I had an ultrasound done so I got to see sweet little P! I didn't have much fluid so the 4D pictures didn't turn out at all.  I've learned to not get my hopes up about getting a good 4D picture because my fluid levels just suck.  But we did get to see her on the regular ultrasound and she was super cute.  She was asleep and smacking her lips a lot which is super cute because Adam does the same thing when he sleeps!  

We also had our maternity pictures done! Megan Forehand did them and I can't wait to see how they turned out! I will share the "sneak preview" that she posted on Facebook!

worst moment this week?
I had another lovely UTI. For those of you keeping up (which I hope you're not!) this is UTI #3! I called the nurse on Thursday and asked if they could call me in another prescription but since I've had so many she said I needed to go in and pee in a cup give them a urine sample.  No biggie, it should only take a few minutes right? Me and some girls from work went to lunch at O'Charley's and they were fine with running me by the doctor.  We got there and the nurse told me that she thought I should wait and see the doctor so I told the girls to head back to the salon since they had appointments coming.

3 hours later I finally got to leave (my Mom had to come pick me up and take me back to work). I saw the doctor (not my dr.) who thought it'd be best to catheterize me and give me a big ol' Rocefin shot in the butt cheek.  

And what was the diagnosis? A motherbleepin' UTI....like I had already concluded. But I'm glad I went since I was headed to Huntsville the next day, the shot helped a lot!

Dare I say, too much?  It hurts, so sometimes it gets old.  But I love to feel her wittle feet poke out every now and then :)

Lucky Charms, ice cold water, and smoothies! 


labor signs?
None yet! I am expecting some within the next few weeks though! I will be considered "term" at the end of this month and will be doing every old wives tale known to man kind to get this butter bean out of me!

belly button?
Somehow, someway it's still an innie! It's literally hanging on for dear life! When I eat a big meal it will poke out more and more

what I miss?
Umm...not having to wear a "support belt" to hold up this big beach ball.  It helps my back so much though! I also can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again!

leg cramps, waddling, vag pains, lack of oxygen, exhaustion, extra bitchy-ness...the list goes on.

what I'm looking forward to?
I'm now going to the doctor every week where they start "checking me".  We all know how fun that should be.  What's even more fun than having an arm shoved up my goods? Oh, I'm so glad you asked! 

Next week they are going to test me for Group B Strep by "swabbing the outside of my bottom" (that's exactly what the nurse told me).  In normal people terms: they're going to stick a q-tipp up my butt.  It should be fun times for everyone.  I can't wait until Presley is a grown up and I can say,"AND AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU!!!" 

weekly wisdom?
We all know I haven't had the best wisdom through out this journey, but one thing I can definitely tell you is to never never never leave town without your pregnancy pillow.  We stayed with some friends in Huntsville one night and I slept horribly because I didn't have my pillow!

Here is a collage of my growing tum tum so far! I never knew how skinny I was before...until now!


  1. You just look so great! I am slightly jealous!

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  2. I was so excited to find out that I was strep positive through a urine sample! Never would have thought I could be excited over carrying a bacteria.

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  3. The anal sawb is super fun! Almost as fun as getting checked. LOVE your tan. You look fab!

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