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October 18, 2008

Cancelled Game..woo hoo

Licey was playing a game last night against the Aguilas in Santiago tonight but, I got a call at about 8:00 from Adam saying that the game was cancelled because of problems with the lights, so I am very excited about that because he came home early and I wasn't bored all by myself all night! We haven't figured out yet if they will have to make that game up or not. They have an off day on Monday so I am hoping that we will get to do something fun. I have been bugging Adam about going to the mall to buy him some new shorts, all of his are ugly..God bless em'. :) They aren't ugly, it's just that all of the shorts he has used to be pants, so they are all fringy on the ends and to make matters worse..most of the pants were given to him by a friend...so I am hoping that he will get over the seperation anxiety and just buy new ones.

Nothing majorly exciting has been going on. We kind of just have a boring routine everyday. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Go to the gym. Go to the field. Go to bed. I am going to look into getting a personal trainer at the gym across the street, depending on how much it costs. Neither of us know the usual range of prices for that so I guess we will see. There is an American trainer there that I am going to ask. Most of you should know that I hate to work out and that I don't think I need to work out because I don't think I am fat or anything..but Adam says he wants my "heart to be healthy."..so I don't know what he is realllly trying to say ;) But, it's not like I really have anything else to do considering the sun hasn't been out in 3 days.

There is finally another one of the players girlfriends here so I have someone to hang out with sometimes. The stadium here is shared by two teams, Licey (Adams team) and the Escogidos. They have opposite schedules, so when Licey plays at home the Escogidos are playing away and when Licey is away the Escogidos are home. So her boyfriend plays for the Escogidos, so we don't really hang out that much because of the schedules. Licey and Escogido play each other many times so we will go to the games together when they do. Adam and the team played away Friday night so I went to her boyfriends game with her. It was nice to have a full conversation with an American. I mean, Adam and I talk all the time, but it was nice to have a girl there to talk to!

Ooooohh....we have hit the jackpot on a new grocery store. The one we had been going to before was just a dumpy little market with a few good American foods. But, we found another one, that is actually closer to our hotel and they have EVERYTHING!! It is like a Publix, so Adam and I were in Heaven walking down all of the aisles. We bought a lot of groceries and were finally happy to have all of our cabinets full of good foods and snacks. It's kind of sad when the highlight of your day is a good grocery store, but the Captain Crunch was getting old. I had started to eat so much of the Captain Crunch the that roof of my mouth had cuts and scratches on it from the hardness of the cereal. So, I have moved on to Lucky Charms. Actually, we bought the Dominican brand called Hokus Pokus because the American brand was about $7 a box. No thank you.

I think that's about all that has happened in the past few days, nothing too exciting! I am sure the next post will be more entertaining because of the off day on Monday. If anyone wants to talk on AIM I am on it a lot. My screen name is YouLookFunky2008 ..yes, please don't ask about the screen name..it was chosen in a moment of confusion and frustration of every other name being taken :) So if you have a screen name email it to me ( Ldevore7@gmail.com ) and we can chat!!

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