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October 1, 2008

One week left!

We have exactly one week left until we ship off to the Dominican! We haven't really been doing any packing or anything yet, so we should probably get on that. Right now, Adam is playing a softball game with some of his friends, it's a company team but they managed to get Adam on the roster. I haven not been going to those games, I don't think I could handle it..baseball from February until September, I don't see myself sitting through softball games on the off season :)
So I am sitting at home watching the Angels vs Red Sox game, which I am going to have to watch all over again because Adam recorded it on the TiVo.

Not much has really been going on. Adam has just been going up to IMG to work out and hit some balls with the team over there. I somehow managed to find the mall on my own today in Sarasota thanks to the map on my phone. The only thing I bought was a pair of shorts that were on clearance so I got them for $5. Then I went to Target (which is a danger zone for me) because my purse fell apart..like literally fell apart on the straps, so I had to get another one. After that I came back to the house and cooked (yes you read that right, it really does say COOKED!!!) some enchiladas. They were purtty tasty if you want my opinion. If you don't know me that well then you don't know that I hate to cook. I don't actually hate to cook it's just that I am not that good at it, even with a recipe sitting right in front of my face. But these managed to be alright! Now I am just waiting on Adam to come home because I am craving a smoothie, and he makes them the best.

Tomorrow night Adam and I are going to drive up to Tampa and go to the Halloween Horror Nights. I have never been but he says it's a lot of fun. There is going to be about 4 haunted houses and maybe some rides. This should be interesting because I don't think Adam and I have ever gone to a haunted house together. So he is in for a treat because I am the biggest pansy around and I scream at everything. Now, if they come after me with chainsaws then we have a huge problem. We will see. Last time I went to a haunted house\ we were on a hay ride and a clown came running up with a chain saw, so I fell onto the bottom of the wagon thing and a HUGE (like , 200lb little girl) fell on top of me and her elbow was in my guts, so I saw dinner for the 2nd time..on my friends shoe..i puked everywhere. So that's the worst case scenario, and I don't see that happening again. But you never know with me :)

Then on Friday night Adam, me, Karl, and some other guy are going to the Tampa Rays vs Chicago White Sox playoff game in Tampa! That should be fun! I tried to tell Adam that I would stay at home and he could have a fun guys night but he insisted that I go?!?! I think most guys would love that idea, but what can I say, I am the coolest person he knows ..I'm kidding :)

After that we have really go to get on the ball with packing and everything. I know this might sound shocking but I actually think that Adam might be taking more stuff than I am. I have no idea how I managed to pack so lightly but I am sure that I am forgetting something...but don't worry, I remembered my passport!

So if you ever get a chance you have to go to the website www.yearbookyourself.com. You just upload a picture of yourself and it will put your face on different yearbook pictures throughout the years, it is sooo funny! I will post some of me and Adam that I did.


  1. omg..those are sooo funny..gee Lindz you look like Mimi in those glasses!

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  2. You crack my ass UP!!! I am so excited for you two--goin to the Dominican Republic! I wish it was me! What an awesome experience that will be! Anyways, LOVE those pics! You will have to post the morphing site you used in a prior post too. Where do you find this stuff!?! Anyways, it is fun to read your blog and hear about what you're up to! I miss the good ol' UCMT days! hahaha! Good luck with the packing, travels, etc. Love your guts! :)

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