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October 26, 2008

We're coming home

The Licey team is struggling, and they are not very use to that. When this happens, the front office gets crazy and panicky. Well...I'm on the wrong end of the first panicky decision...the just released me tonight after the game. I played in 6 games.....3 of which I didn't get any hits, the other 3 I played well. 6 games isn't very much time to get settled and it's definitely not enough time to make a judgment on whether or not a player is good. For whatever reason the decision is made and Lindsay and I will be heading back to Florida around Tuesday or Wednesday. I made a call to my agent and he said to give him a few days so he can make some calls to another Dominican team or maybe some Mexican teams. No reason to shut it down now since I'm in game shape and ready to play somewhere. We'll see what happens with that. On the good side, I get paid for a full month of work here. On a positive note this could be good because Lindsay wasn't enjoying her stay too much, mostly because there weren't any other wives or girlfriends for her to hang out with while I was gone. The majority of her day was spent by herself and that couldn't of been much fun. This will give her a chance to get back to the states and back to somewhere where she feels more comfortable. Since we have a few days to just hang out in the DR we might try to check out the beach or mall, not too sure yet but definitely something. We'll keep everyone up to speed on whats going on.


P.S. Alabama's football team just put a whoppin on Tennessee in Knoxville tonight 29-9. Still undefeated... RollTide!!

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