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October 22, 2008

Thank the Lord!!!

Adam FINALLY had a good game tonight. He went 2-4 with a double, single, and an RBI. The game was a blow out 21-6, Licey won. It was a really exciting game. The Aguilas are the big time rival around here, so the fans were super pumped tonight. I brought our friend Alex and 4 of his friends that are in school with him. They had a really good time. They are in Med School down here and they don't get out much from studying, so this was a big deal to them.

Yesterday was the first off day. Adam went to the field to work on his hitting and then came back to catch the van. All of the Americans went to La Romana to Placido Palonco's house. He plays for the Detroit Tigers and is from here, so he has a huge house that he rarely uses. He was glad to let us use it. The trainer for Licey works for the Detroit Tigers organization and is pretty good friends with him. He said any time we want to go back, we were welcome to anything there. So we are going to take full advantage of that. We are going to go back on Sunday and spend the night and hang out all day on Monday. There was a housekeeper there that cooked us a really nice lunch and dinner. Of course it was chicken and rice..what else. The house was amazing, and the pool area was really fun too. It was about a 2 hour drive but it was totally worth it. Our driver Johnny took us and hung out all day, what a hard day at work he had that day..poor thing. ;)

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