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October 28, 2008

Boca Chica

The past few days here in the Dominican have definitely been an adventure. After being told Saturday night that we were going home, we have just been soaking up as much as we can. Sunday we just hung around the hotel and relaxed a little bit. Monday we woke up around 10 and went to the field and got the rest of Adams things and got our flight information from the office. After that we went back to the hotel and ate a quick lunch, then it was off to the beach. I have been begging Adam to go to the beach since we got here and I was determined not to leave without going. The front desk people at the hotel set up a cab ride for 1500 Pesos (about $45) for a round trip ride to the beach in Boca Chica, which is not bad at all. It was about a 25 minute cab ride. When we got there we made sure that our driver was going to pick us up in two hours, but we were a little hesitant on if he really understood us or not! But, we were there and I didn't really care how we were getting home! The water was very pretty! It is just the typical Caribbean water, crystal blue/green. The sand wasn't all that great but, who cared?! So, we put our towels down and tried to relax. I say we "tried" to relax because on the beach there are people EVERYWHERE trying to sell all sorts of things. One man tried to sell me a necklace, a woman came up and asked if I wanted my hair braided or a massage, one guy tried to sell us some hats, another one had paintings, and then finally a kid tried to sell me some gum. I gave into buying the gum, just because I had a few pesos floating around my beach bag, and it was my favorite Strawberry with lime gum :)

Adam didn't want to lay out on the towel so he was in the water for the majority of the time, I went in for a few minutes but I don't like little fish swimming around me so I just went back to the towels. At one point two guys walked up to Adam and started fixing him a plate of all sorts of seafood. They cut up some shrimp, octopus, and something that lived inside a shell. Adam and I about died when he pulled the thing out of the shell and then reached into the bucket and cut up a tentacle from an octopus. To top it all off they poured some sort of salsa on top. I don't eat any kind of seafood, so I was NOT going to eat what they were cutting up. Adam felt bad and told them that he would eat the shrimp, but none of the other stuff. He was eating off of a plate that had probably been used by every other human on the beach, and the same with the spoon. When Adam was done eating the guy just washed it off with the nasty water that he had in a milk jug...it was gross, but I did get some funny pictures of Adam during this!

We met a guy that had a little restaurant there, and he spoke decent English so he came over and talked to us for a while and then insisted that he bring Adam a large Presidente beer. Down here it seems like you just can't refuse when someone offers you a Presidente. We only stayed at the beach for two hours but that was definitely enough time for us. We were just hoping that our cab driver would show back up, and he did! So then we headed back into town and I was finally happy that I went to the beach!

A few days ago we went to a spa down the road with a friend I met here. Her name is Katie and I met her through our friend Alex and they go to Med School together. The plan was for Katie and I to get pedicures together while Adam was getting a one hour massage, then when he was done with the massage I was going to get mine. I got my pedicure and went back to get ready for my massage when Adam told me that we might not have time for mine because he thought he had to be at the field early. I had told him that I didn't think he had to be there early on that particular day, but we didn't want to risk it. So I didn't get my massage at that spa. :(
So, on the day that we went to Boca Chica, we got back to the hotel room and showered up and went down to the little spa that is in the hotel. Massages here are pretty cheap so we took full advantage of it. The girls at the desk in the spa didn't speak any English so it was hard to tell them what we wanted. We tried to tell them that I would go first and then Adam would go after me. They seemed confused about it, but we got it all worked out and we got our massages at the same time by two different people. My massage wasn't all that great, I am pretty sure my Massage Therapist wasn't a real therapist. Every time I walk by the spa at the hotel I see her working the front desk. Adam said that his was great, so after I thought about it for a while I came to the conclusion that they wanted to get them over with at the same time so the front desk girl decided that she would give it a shot and do my mine. Here is a brief summary of how mine went....

OK, let's start this off by saying since I am a Massage Therapist, I am very particular about how things are done during the massage, and I know what to do and what not to do as far as the undressing goes. the girl shows me to the room and then hands me two little rolls of something wrapped in Saran Wrap and then she leaves. As I open them up, one of them is a mesh-looking diaper thing that looks about 10 sizes too big. The other one is supposed to be a little bra thing, that looks like it would fit my 1 year old niece. Perfect. So, we all can probably figure out how that went. After trying to make these two things fit my body I finally get situated and started to lay down on the massage table. OK, when I give massages, there is always a sheet to lay down on, a sheet to cover up with, and a blanket on top of that. Nope, not here. There was a sheet to lay down on, and a damp towel to cover up part of my body. I probably failed to mention that it was painfully bright in the room and there was music with trumpets playing and it sounded like the soundtrack from Aladdin when he is riding on the horse through the city. But, the lights nor the music lasted too long because not long into the massage the power went out. It didn't take long before I assumed that the poor girl clearly didn't go to school for this. She basically just used her thumbs the entire time and was moving at a very quick speed. I found this really odd because I had asked for the Stress Relieving Massage, and I can assure you that I was highly stressed during the whole thing. I got worried every time she finished with one body part because I just had no clue on what she was going to do next. That was frightening. To make things even better, I have no clue on what she was using for an oil/lotion. It was extremely minty and thick..so my only guess was a jumbo tube of Wintergreen Colgate toothpaste mixed with Vaseline. I am sure that's not what it was, but that is all I could come up with. Earlier I mentioned that the only thing for me to cover up with was a damp towel. Well, that was quickly ripped off during the beginning of the massage, so I was freezing. About 30 minutes into the massage, I am laying on my back and she is massaging the front of my legs, and she stops...and then TURNS ON THE AIR CONDITIONING. We are in a room about the size of a walk-in-closet, and it's got a huge air conditioning, so I am sure you can imagine how quickly it cooled off in there. I was shaking! She finally turned it off, I am guessing after she finished massaging my legs and felt all of the chill bumps. Anyways, she finally finished up and the massage ended with a few pinches on the ears and a good swipe of the hair with oil on her hands. Sorry, I know that was a lot of reading right there, but I just wanted to share what went on during that interesting adventure...trust me, you might have felt awkward just reading that, well..you weren't the one laying in a diaper on a table with no covers :) It didn't really help though when I saw Adam after his massage and he said his was "Amazing." I had nothing to say to that. But, I didn't complain too much, considering he was paying. He is very sweet and that's why I love him :)

I hope that everyone is doing well. I am going to go now because Adam just said I am rambling. We will write again when we make it back to Florida tomorrow...trust me when I say that today's adventure has been a fun one too.....


A guy trying to sell Adam a hat

Adam and I at Boca Chica

"There is no way I am eating the octopus!"

Boca Chica

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