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October 12, 2008


HOLA!! Well, I can definitely say that being out here is a whole
different world. I don't really even know where to start to tell you
my version of how it has gone so far.

The trip here wasn't all that bad. The plane that we took from
Sarasota to Miami looked like the plane that the Wright brothers flew,
everyone that got on the plane had a look of panic on their face.
Thankfully, it was only an hour flight, a loud one I might add. When
we got to the Miami airport we had enough time to get some food and
then board the next flight to Santo Domingo. That plane was much
larger, it was a huge plane. Our seats were in the middle aisle so we
weren't able to look out the window when we were getting ready to
land, but I am sure that it was really nice! Once we landed we just
got our stuff and came to the hotel and ate some food.

Now that it has been a few days we are much more comfortable eating
the food here. Neither of us has gotten sick or anything so that is a
plus. We haven't really gotten the chance to explore the city yet but
we have become very familiar with the area around our hotel. We have
made several trips to the grocery store though. It is about a half a
mile away so its not too bad of a walk. On Thursday we went and got
the main necessities ( a pot to cook food in, a lot of bottled water,
cans of soup, Gatorades, laundry detergent and softener), but what we
really didn't think about was that we had to walk back with all of
that stuff. It was a long and hot walk back, we had to stop a few
times and rest. We decided that we wouldn't do that again. We had to
go back tonight to get a few more things. I have been living off of
Campbell's soup and Captain Crunch cereal. Tonight we went to the
Wendy's down the road from our hotel and it was the best meal we have
had since we have been here. One of the guys said that the Wendy's
was the "nice" restaurant and where the rich people eat. They even
had waitresses, so that was really weird. We agreed that we are only
going to eat there on Fridays, so it will kind of be a special
occasion. I can see myself going there every day just because it's
the closest thing to normal food. It is pretty easy to be on a diet
here because either I am too scared to eat any food or either they
don't have a lot of food, so I wouldn't want to ruin the diet with
Wendy's every day.

For the past two days I have gone out by the pool to lay out. So far
I have been the only person out there so it's nice to have the pool to
myself. When I am out there I listen to some Spanish lessons that I
downloaded onto our Ipod. They have actually helped out a lot. When
we first got out here the only thing I really knew in Spanish was my
numbers and the days of the week, and let me tell ya, that won't get
you too far in a conversation. So I am slowly learning a lot more.
It is much easier to learn Spanish when you have to actually use it
every day.

The people who drive here are absolutely insane. There is no speed
limit and I am pretty sure there aren't even real lanes. People park
everywhere and there are pretty much no rules or laws. Motorcycles
weave in and out of all of the cars. People honk their horn for
everything, too. Even where there is no traffic or anything, someone
will just lay on their horn. I am beginning to think that they just
do it for fun, but to me it is just annoying. I would never have the
guts to drive here.

Today we woke up and went to the gym across the street. It is a
really nice gym, probably nicer than any gym that I have seen in the
US. I find that weird considering everything else here is not all
that nice. It is a 3 story gym with a pool and basketball court on
the top floor. We get to work out there for free, all we have to do
is show them our hotel key. So between just eating soup and cereal,
then going to the gym every day because I have nothing else to do I
should be lookin' pretty good in no time!

I am excited for the games to start up pretty soon. At least that
will get me out of the hotel for a little bit! Adam has been going to
practice for the past two days. Today they played a scrimmage game
against an American Independent ball team. Adam only played the first
five innings and went 1 for 2 with a home run. We were really excited
about that, just because it was the first time anyone really got to
see him play, so it didn't look too bad that he got a home run 

We hope to be getting more blogs out and getting some pictures sent to
everyone. The internet at our hotel is horrible. It won't let us
access our blog and rarely lets us send out emails. So we will try
our best to keep you updated! Adios amigos!


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