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October 26, 2008

Fishin in Florida

In Florida, Adam would spend a lot of time fishing at a pond by the house. I attempted to go with him one time and the first time I cast out I was SURE that I got a bite....it turned out to be the bottom of the pond...here is the video. In the end of it you can hear in Adams voice that something just isn't right...enjoy.


  1. hey you guys!!! What a small world that y'all met the Nipperts! Don't worry about the next few days - they will work themselves out - just enjoy your surroundings. Who gets to spend a few days in the Dominican just chilling (with a paycheck)? Enjoy it!!! We wish you the best!! Let us know if you head our way!

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  2. well princess..did you check to see if the cows were laying down before you went fishing!?

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