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October 14, 2008

Good day!!

We finished with our last practice before our first game today around 1pm so Lindsay and I had some time to go check out more of the town. We headed about a half mile down the road to this outside shack that had some great rotisserie chicken that a few of the guys told us about. To get there we had to walk through an out door market which was a good square block of people selling all kinds of things. We made it to the chicken place and ordered a half chicken with some yuca (its like potato) and a couple bottled waters. It was awesome, some of the best tasting chicken I've had in a long time.

Later tonight we got together with the rest of the Americans and went to eat at a nice steak house. Again, the food was great. The group of guys on the team are very experienced playing winter ball here and in Venezuela and Mexico. They had all kinds of stories and funny things to say about their past years playing. They also talked a lot about some of the things to expect and giving us the heads up on travel and game stuff. They said Lindsay will be able to ride with either Johnny (our driver) or the assistant general manager to some of the away games. That will be nice to get her out and see some of the country. We stopped at Baskins Robbins for ice cream after on the walk home. There are a few American food places like Pizza Hut, Wendy's, TGIFridays, KFC, and I think I heard someone say there is an Outback. Here are some pictures from the day, enjoy.


Me, Lindsay, Dustin Nippert, Chris Roberson( medical trainer), Shawn Garrett, Derek Lee

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