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May 22, 2009

Beauty & The Beast

That's the name of the spa that I had an interview for. Yes people, Beauty & The Beast..if I'm lyin, I'm dyin'. I was skeptical about going, just from the name of the place, and when I arrived skeptical turned into holy guacamole I'm really skeptical. The owner was alright..he definitely looked creepy, but was actually pretty nice! He is kind of desperate for massage therapists, and the interview kind of turned into a therapy session for him. I think he just needed to vent and I was just the person to listen! I don't think he asked one question that was normally asked during an interview (like, "why do you want to work at Beauty & The Beast?"..by the way..I can't type that without giggling...). Instead he proceeded to tell me that most of his employees talk about him behind his back, and that he isn't much of a "boss" to them because they are the only workers that he had. So, after I gave him some words of wisdom about gossip, he then asked if I could give him a one hour massage. I mean, I should be able to do that, considering I am a massage therapist. But, I hadn't gone to the interview prepared to give a massage. I mean, I had on a nice long sleeve shirt that, quite frankly, I didn't want to get oil all over. But, instead of complaining, he got a massage. Boo. He smelled really bad. And he had a crusty hand. After I was done, he said to come back next week and give him another massage, because he still had people to interview. Whatev. I'm not really sure how I feel about the place, but at the point I am at right now, whoever offers me a job, I'm taking it! We will see how that goes! I also went to a really nice golf course today by our house, and I think I have a much better chance of getting that job, which would be ah-mazing!! He said he was going to call me in a few days. I kind of bribed persuaded him into free Bees tickets if I was hired. Did it work? I sure hope so!!

Last night Adam played in the game and was the DH. I was very nervous since he hasn't been doing so hot. I was watching the game on the computer and every time I watched him bat, he struck out. Then I stopped watching and he got 2 hits. What the heck!?!?! I didn't care though, as long as he got a few hits, I was happy! He told me I couldn't watch today, but I am :)

Well boys and girls, that's all I have for tonight! Oh, I just got done "seeing" my Daddy-O on the web cam!! Those things are the bomb!!!
*I don't know what happened, but for some reason the email that we normally send out when we update, it disappeared. So, if you can email me your email address to Ldevore7@gmail.com*

** ohmygoodgolly** My nephew graduated from Kindergarten today **tear**..sad day. Oh wait, nevermind, not too sad. He's repeating. Maybe I will be there for next years kindergarten graduation! :) Pictures posted below!!
The shaggy-headed graduate!
Hunter and Mrs. Foster (his teacher)
Getting his diploma from Dr. Lamon
Holding his diploma...upside down...ha..
Lindsey, Robby (who came from work), and my little lover!!
Buddy and Hunter..man I love him!

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  1. sounds like the weird guy just wants some free massages to me! i'm hoping for the golf course job! if you can be the beer girl you will make some $$$! Love you girlie!

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