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May 31, 2009

Grand Slam

Yesterday the Bees had a double header (two games in a row, but only 7 innings instead of 9). The first game went by fairly quickly, but the second game?!?!? Holy cow, it ended up going into extra innings, I think there were 9 innings total. I had gone down to the family room at the beginning of the 7th inning because I didn't think the Bees would tie the game up and go into extra innings. Down in the room there you can listen to the game over the intercom thingy, so when I heard that the game was going into extra innings, I was just thrilled **enter sarcasm here**. So, here comes the 8th inning..still tied. Here comes the 9th inning..still tied. But, before the 9th inning is over with, Adam comes up to bat with the bases loaded. Ball 1...Strike 1..Strike 2...GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ThankyousweetbabyJesus!!!! And I totally missed it! To be completely honest with you, I didn't even know Adam was up to bat. This is what happened:

Steve Klauke (Bees announcer on radio): It's up there, it's out there, and it's gooooonnneee!!"

Me (to the other girls): Yeeesssss, the game is over!!

Steve: something Adam Pavkovich blah blah blah (I just heard Adams name and figured he homered)

Me: Finally!!! He got a home run!!! My life just got so much easier!!

Other girls walk in: Oh my gosh, I can't believe he got a grand slam!!

Me: HOLY #%(*&%@!!!! (ok, not really...) I just thought it was a home run!

ok, you get the point. I was so happy!! Moral of the story though, I need to start paying attention to the games. All of the guys were so happy..and most importantly, Adam was happy! Here is the article from the Bees website. And here is an article from a local newspaper.

The guys left this morning at 10:45 since it's a 2:00 game today. I hope it's not too hot!

Yesterday me, Candice, and Lori went to the pool at the Sheraton and got some sun! It was so hot, but the pool felt nice! I have been called into work a few times, so far, so good! They aren't open on Sundays, so I don't have to worry about getting called in!

Hmm..I don't think I have anything else that interesting to talk about, I will post some pictures a little bit later on!! Ta-ta!!!

Some of the girls in our suite
Me and Sabrina O'Sullivan!


  1. hi you dont know me, but i found you on blogger reader. i just want to tell you i love reading your blogs. you make my day.

    i made mine private cause of some rude countries making rude remarks. i would love it if i can add you.......my email address is on my main profile page...please feel free to email me

    thanks and have a great one

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  2. Yay Adam!!! Lindz..love the red dress!

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  3. Hi Lindsay,

    Not sure if you'll get this before the game tonight bc don't know how it works really, but if at all possible can you email me at awillits77@yahoo.com or call me at the sheraton 801-401-2000, if you get this before 6:00 or so. My phone's not working and Jaxon really wants to go to the game tonight to see all the extra stuff, so i wanted to see if maybe he could go with you while i was figuring out my phone. If not thats fine, i was just checking. Thanks so much...Amber

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