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May 29, 2009

Rise and Shine!

Yes, I am fully aware that it is 2:14am and I am writing a blog. Welcome to my life. Not sleeping. I even took it to a whole 'nother level tonight on trying to get to bed early. I sat on the couch and drank a beer while watching So You Think You Can Dance. Do you think that even remotely helped me? Nope! Not one bit! Shhheeeessshh! I mean, really, this is ridiculous. Want to know what I have been doing all night so far? Well, for starters, I watched an episode of The First 48 , which is just stupendous considering I am a total wimp at night. Then, I came downstairs and downloaded a bazillion songs onto Lime wire so Adam can update our ipod (which, by the way, did you know that we named our ipod when Adam we got it? Yep, his name is Black Bastard. I don't think we have ever not called him by his name). Then I paroozed my way to this HI-larious website. I love little kittens, so this is a good one. Har har har. And now, I am writing a teeny tiny little bloggy! Dedication, I have it.

Oh me oh my, my computer only has 32% battery left..I better hurry! oksomaybeifIjustwritelikethisIcanhurry...wait..what was that? Too fast? Ok.

Holy guacamole..want some good news?? I am no longer UNemployed! **Hallelujahhhhhhh** I got a job at a spa, yes, the spa. But, I went back today and it was much better. So, nothing to worry about. I will keep you updated on how it is going.

This afternoon (or wait, should I say yesterday?!?!) a few of us girls met up at a tanning salon near by we all got some pretty spiffy spray tans! Since the guys are coming home we figured we wanted to look smokin' hot we would get nice and tan for the upcoming games so we could wear shorts...finally!! I got the darkest one you could get...I will take a few pics at the next game and you can see for yourself.
Oh yeah, and we totally got stood up by Adam and his non existent blog that he was supposed to write. No worries though, it will be here soon...

The guys get in soon..like, as in a few hours. I think I should be going to bed now. Good idea. Nighty night! Hopefully this will be my last post that I write at 2:30am...let's hope.

Here is a picture from my new fav website

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