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May 25, 2009

Hiking "Hill B"

On Tuesday I had planned on staying at home and brushing up on my domestic skillz..but, as it turns out, I ended up hikin' up the mountain. Lori, Candice, and I drove right down the street to the base of a mountain and started the hike! There were a lot of people there & the weather was perfect-o! We decided to hike up " Mill B " because there was supposed to be a big lake once you make it to the top. So, you know, we have somewhat of a motivation to get to the top. HA..yeah right! To get to the top of the mountain it's about 3 miles, and we made it about half way and then turned around. It was so hard!! We decided that we are going to gradually work our way to the top. My favorite part of the hike though was the going back down part! Imagine that! By the time we were done, we were starving! You would think "Hey, we just hiked a mountain, lets finish this day off by eating something healthy."..ummm. notsomuch. We went to Cafe Rio. Mexican food. 'Nuff said.

This has been a verrrry long road trip, so I am very ready for Adam to get back on Friday. I am counting down the hours. Knowing Adam, being so miserable without me, he is probably counting down the minutes. Umm what was that?? You think I made that up? You're right, I did. But a girl can dream can't she? This road trip hasn't been the best for Adam..batting wise. I really haven't been keeping tabs on every hit, because I don't think there has been many. He still hasn't had a good at bat, so it's just a waiting game on when that will be. (**OMG pppphhhheeeeewwww, ok so we have a skunk that lives near our house, and I think he just marked his territory outside of our window...it smells....really bad)..Sorry about that..umm...where was I? Umm yeah so baseball= not good right now..maybe I will make ask Adam to write a post about what's going on...hmm..as a matter of fact..I am going to call him right now...can you hang on for a second? Why thank you!

Alright, I'm back..let me recap on that conversation...


Adam (who, by the way, is playing poker with the boyz): Hey...my sweet little beautiful love of my life (ok, he didn't say that..I made that up)

Me: Hey, do you think you could write a blog tomorrow?

Adam: From here???

Me: No genius, I want you to fly to Maine, and write it from there Yes, from there

Adam: Oh, yeah, uh sure! Are you about to go to bed?

Me: No, I just got all gussied up and am about to hit the town Nope!

blah blah blah

There you have it kids, we will see if he will write a post tomorrow!

Today Lori (Bobby Wilson's girlfriend) and I went to the Sheraton to lay out by the pool. Um, thank you, I am a lobster..but just on the front, which looks just marvelous. Thankfully, all of us girls have a date tomorrow night at the tanning bed. We are all getting spray tans! Thank goodness, I am tired of making everyone tan on my photo shop! (Oops, I don't think I was supposed to let you in on that secret...)

Do you want to hear about my sleeping problem that has suddenly taken over my life? Come again? You do? Perfect! As it turns out, I have somehow turned into an insomniac. I don't go to bed until about, ohhh I would say 3:30 am. I don't know what is wrong with me! I am so tired at about 10pm but then I get a second wind and I can't fall asleep! I have to make myself go to bed, like a toddler. I don't know what it is. I just sit there and think about the most random things that eventually turn into me thinking about absolutely bizzarre things. For instance...the other night I was just lying in bed thinking about my hair.

"Man, I think I kind of want to go back to being blonde again."

"But, I think it looks weird when people have blonde hair and dark brown eye brows..."

"Why do we even have eyebrows???"

"Speaking of, I need to get my eyebrows waxed.."

See..I have got to stop that! Not that any of you care about any of that..but I just thought I would throw that out there, you know, just to make you think that I am that much more of a weirdo. You're welcome.

Ok, I think I am just going to go to bed now, My brain is no longer functioning correctly due to Pepe Le Pew that lives outside our window...farewell!!..err...I mean, goodnight...

Candice & Lori

Me & Lori

Lori & I by a waterfall..or maybe it's just a fast flowing stream?!

Going up!

The three of us!

Candice saw a bear...

What kind of post would this be with out the "I'm going to set the timer and take a picture, but really it's going to be a video.." kind of thing..man, I hate it when that happens!!

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