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July 24, 2009

Beat The Pro...and a not-so-mild case of the swine flu....

Yesterday Adam did an interview for the news here in SLC. It's a segment called Beat The Pro and it's a charity event that raises money for muscular dystrophy. We met the news people at a golf course, and all Adam had to do was hit a golf ball, see how close he could get to the hole, and then just do a little interview. Other people from SLC will go to the golf course in a few days and try to beat his distance. They win a car. Lucky! I will try to find the link when it airs and post in on here!
Today, the Bees were supposed to start a 4 game series with the Portland Beavers There has been a little bit-o-drama 'round these parts of town about that. There will be no game tonight, due to the fact that the Portland team has 7, maybe more, players with the swine flu H1N1 virus. They were playing a series in Reno, NV and during batting practice a few guys left to go to the hospital, and tested positive for it. So now, they are quarantined to their hotel rooms for 48 hours (maybe longer). The rest of the team was supposed to go to the hospital today to see if they had it. I only know all of this juicy info because Adam has a friend on the Portland team, and he called him as soon as the rumors started flying around! I mean, of course I hope that the guys start to feel better, but then again, OFF DAY!!! What really sucks is that today, July 24th, is the biggest game of the season here in SLC. It's Pioneer Day , which is a day that Mormons celebrate...but I'm not going to really go into what it is, because, well, I think it's kind of stupid. So if you want to read about it just click on the link! Back to my point. Tonight is supposed to be the game that is completely sold out, 15,000 + people there, & fireworks. We are talkin' lots and lots of money. Not happening.

Instead of the big game, there is going to be a home run derby, which Adam is participating in, and then there is going to be a high school exhibition game which the guys have to stay and sign autographs. Blah. I mean, whatever, kind of dumb if you ask me.
A few days ago while the guys were on a road trip, we (the girls) had one of our friends come over and paint our toe nails. She does nails for a living in Park City so she came to our house and made our piggies purtty...and glittery!! I love them!!!

A few of us girls at a game.

Our pretty toenails that Bri did! See the weird looking foot that has the pink polish on them. Yes, the one that looks like it has fingers for toes?? That's my foot. Click on the picture to make it bigger, you have to see all of the glitter!

Beat The Pro.

That's the news guy...juggling golf balls.

14.2 feet from the hole.

See that bump on Adams leg? He got hit with a ball.


The interview.

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