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July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday HunterBoo!!!

Today is a sad, sad day. Want to know why? Hunter turns 6 today. ::sniff sniff:: Most would think this would be an exciting day. "Ohhhh, how exciting, he's getting so big!!!"
That's not really how I'm feeling!
I don't want him to grow up! I want him to be little forever! He is the sweetest "little boy" I know, and he just might be the funniest kid I know. He says the most random stuff (wonder where he gets that from?!?!) and has such a big heart. So without further ado, here is a load of pictures...along with a few fun facts about the birthday boy.

Hunt & his Mom, Brooke

Look how tiny he was :-(

Sometimes he has quite the attitude...

Look at those man boobs!!!

What? He had a booger.

Robby, Hunter, & Brooke at his 3rd birthday party...the last birthday Brooke would be at :(
Hunter's Mom died of cancer about a month and a half after he turned 3

He's kinda crazy...like me.

But he can also be a big-ol-baby too.

Did I mention that he was crazy?

Before I know it, he's gonna be driving...that's a scary thought.

~Fun Facts About Hunter~

~Both of his pinkies are crooked...majorly crooked.

~Most of us call him HunterBoo, and I don't know why

~Some of the best conversations you might have with Hunter is when he's on the toilet. True story.

~He loves rap music and when he wants you to turn up the volume he says,"Cut it up."

~He wasn't the cutest baby

~He is alllll boy (that's what happens when you're raised by just your Dad!)

~Once while at the doctors office with me (with the waiting room full of people) Hunter farted and blamed it on me. Totally embarrassing.


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