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July 2, 2009

Home Schweeeet Home!

Well, I just sat down in the den to write this purtty little post, but as soon as I did my dad started sawing logs (aka snoring) and I just now noticed a big-o-bug flying around my scraggly mop head..so...let me just move rooms right here real quick (that's redneck talk for ya)....

Ahhhh yes, much nicer, I mean, quieter (is that even a word??).

Holy guacamole, I have been so busy since I have been back in Alabama! I don't even really know where to begin.

"How about the beginning, dufus??"

Good point. Thank you.

Well, we got back from DC Sunday afternoon and my Mom was waiting at the airport for Colby and I. Oh, but wait, first things first..ummm, everyone say it with me- Hellooooooo humidity, you were not missed. Ok, back to reality. I was really excited to see my Mom, but what I was mostly excited about was the Taco Casa that she brought me. Hallaluyer!! I was in Heaven (actually I was in a Toyota Camry, but really, what's the difference?). I don't think I did anything too interesting that night besides sit on the couch and watch the tube with mi madre. Trust me, I wouldn't have been able to walk anywhere if my life had depended on it. The DC trip did me in with the walking. No thanks. Ohhh but I did watch a scary tv show about a guy murdering his girlfriend, and I was such a pansy that I asked my Mom if she would sleep in my bed with me. Make fun all you want, but we live in the boonies (side note: just looked up the actual definition of "boonies" and this is what I got- "a rural country or jungle". Not only is my blog here for you entertainment but now it is educational. You're welcome!) so I was scared! I slept in pretty late that morning and it was the best-thing-ever. Oh how I missed sleeping in. I got ready and met one of my best friends, Brittney, for lunch..at Taco Casa. I know, I know but I have to eat it for every meal to make up for lost time. It was so much fun catching up with her and I can't wait to come back in August when she gets married. ::sniff sniff::
After scarffing down all of the food I ordered I was off to the movie theatre to meet my cousin, Anna Lisa, to watch The Hangover, again. Adam and I went to go see it in SLC but good gravy I love that movie. It is HI-larious and I totally recommend that everyone go and see it. After almost peeing my pants from laughing the movie was over with I headed over to visitate with Mimi & Pops for a tad bit before I headed back home.
Tuesday I got my tan on with my other best friend, Kristen. We had dinner plans that night so I didn't stay too long stayed just long enough to get lobster-fied then headed home. While resting that day I just so happened to get my Mom hooked on The Sims. Thank ya Jesus, I'm no longer the only Sims addict out there. It took a while to teach her how to work all of the cheat codes and junk but I think she has finally figgered it out :) Later that night Kristen, Page, and I went to Tokyo (Japanese place) and OhMySweetHeavens I ate so much food. I made it home without barfing up fwied wice..errrr...fried rice I mean, and I took my fat butt straight to bed. Hunter spent the night with us that night, but I was spared having to sleep with him because he slept with Papa Ken (my step dad).
The next morning I took Hunter to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. He was so excited! Me, on the other hand, I was excited too, up until Hunter insisted that we jam out to ZZtop the whole way there. What Hunter wants, Hunter gets. We watched them make doughnuts for a while after we ate then we left. I had to get some clear shoes for Brittney's wedding, so we went to Shoe Carnival where they just so happen to be having Buy One Get One Half Off. So of course Princess Hunter had to have some new shoes. Whatev. Somehow we finally ended up back at home, but then had to get back in the car to go get fitted for my bridesmaid dress! I will be posting some pics of that later. That night I was meeting some old friends from high school for dinner. We met up at a Mexican place and it was so much fun! We haven't been together (or at least all at once) since high school and I think we could have stayed there for hours catching up. But, we weren't and I was home pretty early!
Today, Colby and I drove down (or is it over??) to my Grandparents house in Montgomery! It's only a 2 hour drive so we got here early enough to go swimming and hang out with the fam. My Grandfather cooked ribs that I thought I might love more than Adam Pavkovich life itself. We took some pretty funny pictures today that I will try to post at some point.
So, I think that's it so far, pphheeeeewww that was a lot of typing. If you have made it this far into the post then give yourself a high five...and just pretend it's from me.
Tomorrow we are leaving Montgomery in the afternoon and heading back to Tuscaloosa. My niece will be with us tomorrow night and on the 4th so I am really excited to see her! Then I leave early Sunday morning and I will finally get to see my love!!!! I have missed him very very much and I wish he could be here with me :(
Ok..time to go to bed..but I must warn you, tomorrow there will be a few posts that are just pictures....like, lots and lots of pictures...beware......
Nighty Night homies!!!!

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