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July 28, 2009

What to do...what to do???

The boys left this morning for a 7 day road trip to Sacramento for 4 days, then Vegas for the remaining 3.  They will have 4 games in Vegas in the 3 days that they are there, which means a double header on the last day.  It was kind of a last minute thing, but I am going to be going on the Vegas trip.  If the Angels don't keep Adam then this could potentially be our last trip to Vegas..  unless we ever go on our own, which I don't really see happening.  Most of the girls are going and we are all driving.  But, it's going to be h-o-t!!! This time of year it's usually too hot to even be in the pool, but we'll see!

The countdown until the offseason is still going strong...42 more days!  The plans for this off season are still up in the air.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens since Adam will be a free agent..whoot whoot!! 

Some more good news is that I am going back to Bama soon! There isn't an official day yet because a plane ticket ain't been bought hasn't been purchased yet..but, I have to be there by the 14th because I am in a wedding on the 15th! Eeeekk!  So much to do before then..I think! 

I know, I know this post is a tad bit boring, things have just been pretty calm and boring around here, just the same ol same ol! Maybe I will have more interesting things to talk about after Vegas!! 

OhMySweetBabyJesus, how could I ever forget...did anyone watch The Bachelorette? Anyone???  Can I just tell you that I am totally t.o.'ed that I made a point to watch every.single.episode, just for that dumb girl to choose ED?????????? Seriously...I was Team Kiptyn and I think I might have shed a tear when she dumped him.  I'm not gonna lie. Ok.  I'm over that, thanks for letting me get the out there in the open.  

Have a splendid day.


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