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July 6, 2009

Picture Time!

Since I was unable to post pictures during my trip back home, the next few posts will be full of pictures. Actually, they will only be pictures!
I got home yesterday after a long plane ride with the two loudest and obnoxious little girls sitting behind me the whole way home. If I could have jumped out of the plane to escape, I would have. And it didn't help that one of the little girls was named Lindsay, so as I am almost asleep I kept hearing my name being yelled by their mother. For the last 30 minutes of the flight, the other little girl kept saying, in a high pitched whiny voice"Bit Mooooommmmmy, I can't see Maw Maws houuusee..." she said it over, and over, and over again. Ahhhhh!
Adam was at the airport waiting to pick me up but I had to take him straight to the field. He informed me that "every article of clothing he owned was dirty" which is code for please go home and do my laundry. I'm not dumb people, that is what he meant. But oh, did I go home?? Pppssshhh, shyeah right! I took my butt straight to the pool. Priorities people! I met Darcy, Lori, and Candice at the Sheraton where some pretty interesting shenanigans went down....Story time...
So you know, we were all just getting our tan on, dipping in the pool occasionally, complaining about how hot it was out side, talkin' some girl talk. When all of a sudden...dun dun dunnnnn.. a few players from the Tacoma Rainiers (who the Bees are playing in this series) walked by. I mean, I know we are ridiculously good looking the bomb.com and all, but they were staring like they had never seen girls before! To make it even better though, they walked inside the hotel and tried to be sneaky and they STARED AT US THROUGH THE "TINTED" WINDOW! I wouldn't lie to you people. After a while we forgot about it, until one of the Sheraton workers walked into the pool area.
"Oh no, they are coming to bust us for laying out here...quick, what is our excuse?!?!?!"
He walked up to us and said,"Excuse me, there are a few guys staying here and they wanted me to tell you that there is a big baseball game going on tonight, if you would like tickets?!"
We told the poor little messenger to tell the sleazeballs that we were the wives/girlfriends of the Bees players...and that we would see them there that night. Talk about a shoot down! Seriously, does that really work for guys? Sending out a messenger? Good times. I told Adam about it and he clearly didn't think it was as funny as we did :)
Today I started the laundry then Adam and I headed to the grocery store. We came home really quick and Adam made some Talapia and rice with black beans. Nom Nom Nom.
Alright well, I better get started on posting these pictures!
Oh yeah, don't forget to look at the picture below this post, it's Adams Moms birthday today!

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