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February 4, 2009

25 Random Facts...

Ok, so I got tagged for this survey on Facebook but thought that I would do it on here instead..just because. And I am just going to go ahead and warn you that this isn't about Adam..it's about me...but maybe I will call him and get his 25 random facts over the phone...ok, herrrrre we go. Contain yourselves.

25) I am "that person" that makes the top to the toothpaste unable to be screwed back on because toothpaste is smothering the top.

24) I get nothing but pure joy out of watching people slip and fall, unless they're hurt

23) I very rarely get embarrassed, like ever

22) I have no problem getting up in front of a large group and speaking, but my face still turns bright red

21) I can burp really loud...and long...(I know Mom & Dad, I just made you really proud with that one)

20) I take blistering hot showers

19) I already have all of my future kids names picked out...and the one that Adam has picked out already is not even in the question...sorry babe.

18) It is possible that one day I might be the old Cat Woman...I love little kitties.

17) I am obsessed with the Twilight series and even call Adam 'Edward' from time to time

16) I could spend the rest of my life on the internet..sad, but true.

15) I totally believe in spanking your children..as Madea puts it "Whup that ass"..if this has anyone worried, don't worry too hard, there's a chance that my kids will be perfect and will never need to be spanked :) If you aren't familiar with Madea..watch these two clips..



14) I would rather be deaf then blind..shoot, at our house (my Moms) you would be lucky to be deaf..in fact, we have a deaf cat named Keller (after Helen Keller)..and we all envy his disability

13) I know the words to The Little Mermaid by heart..watched it everyday when I was in middle school...yes, middle school.

12) We call my Moms house the "Funny Farm" because we have a lot of animals..usually if we find a cat, it becomes a barn cat...and my Mom is a total sucker for a cute puppy.

11) I am a really good speller. I get it from my Mom. Although, she did once spell chihuahua like 'chewawa'..sorry Mom, I couldn't help myself..you will never live that down.

10) Don't talk to me during Grey's Anatomy, you might lose a limb.

9) I am very weird and random, but you already know that.

8) I am very cold natured so I am freeeeezing all the time

7) I used to be the kind of person that would never get rid of clothes because "maybe, just mayyybe I will wear that shirt again."..but now since we move around all the time I have learned to part with things

6) I could live off broccoli...and french fries

5) Adam and I have a secret handshake..but it's not a secret

4) I still sleep with a blanket...betcha didn't think I would admit that

3) I REALLY like buying laundry detergent...Adam buys the cheap stuff and I can't stand it.

2) Shopping at Target is just plain dangerous.

1) I can write anything backwards in cursive, I know...you are totally jealous of this talent I have..and you should be

Alrighty, now the list could go on and on and on but I want some of you to think that I am somewhat normal...HA..yea right.



  1. #15 is by far my favorite Madea clip ever! Oh..and you forgot to add that one of your pupils gets really big and the other one stays really small! FREAKY!

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  2. Lindsay that was so cute... you are hilarious! I am jealous of you being a good speller, I am the worst... thank God for spell check and that even lets me down from time to time!

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  3. Ummm...you forgot to talk about Ketchup!!!!! What has gotten into you? That should have been right up there with the deaf cat! haha Oh and I'm glad you think my blog is funny! you were my total inspirartion for that! haha Love you too!

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  4. And omg...what does the wheelchair next to the security code mean??? haha

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