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February 11, 2009

We've Been Poisoned!

Ok, well not we..just Adam...he's got food poisoning :( We went and ate at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday night when he first got here and pretty soon after, he started to feel pretty bad. So, today I have been trying to get him to eat but he won't. He was up all night puking his poor little guts up..he is feeling much better now.

Today Adam is going to drive to Oklahoma, but not alone. He is going to meet up with Terry Evans, who lives in Atlanta, and they will follow each other. I think they are going to meet up in Mississippi and go from there. It will only be 2 weeks until I leave...yahoooo! Uhh...errr..I mean, I am just devastated that I will once again be leaving. No really, I am sad that I am leaving my family, but we gotta do, what we gotta do :) I packed two suit cases to send with Adam in his truck, so that will make it much easier when I have to try and pack my other two suitcases..now I won't have to worry about being over the 50 lb limit or not. I sent most of my shoes, jeans, and heavy winter clothes and a lot of my summer clothes with him..hopefully it won't be too much colder here until I leave! We are trying to pack lighter this year, but his car is pretty packed full!

This morning before he left we made the trip to City Cafe and pigged out! I was sad to see him go but we are working on getting me out there earlier than I had planned. My original flight is set to leave on March 3rd but I am going to try and see if I can leave around February 24th. I was very close to just packing up and leaving with him today but then realized that I have a few things that I have to take care of before I head out west for the whole season.

Anyways, not much to talk about on this post..the days are nearing where baseball talk will be in action! Take care!


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