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February 25, 2009


That's how I think it should be spelled..I just really hate typing Phoenix..particularly the 'x'..don't know why..it's probably just one of my abnormally weird pet peeves. Anywho, today is the first game and I am so very excited!..I think. After a few games I might feel differently about the situation.

Since being here we have settled in the apartment quite nicely! I am so much happier to be in this apartment and not in a hotel. It's very nice to have a full size washer and dryer IN our room rather than carrying everything down into a lobby and into the laundromat and have to pay for every load! Oh but the neighbors upstairs?????? Holy cow they could possibly be the loudest human beings that our God ever put on this earth. This is what I have gathered about them so far..

1) They have the largest/heaviest feet known to man kind
2) They walk around with high heels on and stomp as hard as they can during every step taken
3) They sprint from one side of the apartment to the other..All. Day. Long.

We have figured out that they have a toddler and clearly this kids bedtime is around 10 PM..because that's how long this goes on. Our first night here Adam and I were really tired and frustrated by the noise. So what did we do? Of course we DIDN'T just tune out the noise while watching TV..So instead of acting like the totally mature adults that we are...I grabbed the broom and he grabbed a water bottle. He consistently threw the water bottle up to the ceiling and I banged the end of the broom on the ceiling about 15 times. Mature right? Do you think they got the message? NOPE! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Yesterday I spent the day getting my tan on at the pool. It was about 86 degrees and I was sweating like a pig! We have two pools so I had to cool off some..but I got a pretty sweet tan..ok..more like a burn, but my motto is "I'd rather be red than white!". After I got done with laying out I headed back up to the apartment and I had just sat down and blessed my beautiful Turkey & Cheese Lean Pocket when I got a call from Adam. I had to come pick him up and take him to Toys R Us....why you ask? Good question. Let me start from the beginning. Every morning during spring training there is a meeting. During these meetings there are certain tasks that people have to do and they consist of all different types of things and many people are chosen to do it. Sometimes it will be that a group of the big leaguers have to take some of the younger guys out to eat at a nice restaurant, go to a certain event going on in town and do a report/poster on it..just things like that. Yesterday was for a group of guys to go to Toys R Us and spend $3,000 on toys for a bunch of kids. Adam was one of the chosen guys, along with a few other guys that were in SLC last year. Adam had called me to come get him because they needed his truck to put all of the stuff in. Let's take note that I had just got in from laying out in the blistering heat all day, had tanning oil all over me, and looked like a hot mess. So I quickly got ready and was off to shop! Once we got there it was like Supermarket Sweep...but better..because it was toys. Everyone had their own buggy and they were spread out throughout the whole store. Now, most of the guys were getting little basket ball goals, baseball bats, firetrucks..and other stuff like that. Where do you think we were? We were on the aisle with the telescopes, computers, and home science projects..hahahaha. Leave it to Adam to pick out toys for these kids that HE really wanted..I had to explain to him that he is a differnt breed of man kind..So we grabbed a few things from that aisle then I had to tell him to move on over to what these kids really wanted. Most of the guys had their buggy filled with toys for boys only..so I kept trying to remind Adam to get some girl stuff too. As we were looking at the remote controlled helicopters I looked over and one of the guys was on the aisle with all of the Princess toys, and he had his buggy filled to the top with Princess stuff..I thought that was really cute! By the time we checked out there was about 8 buggies full and they spent $3,009. It was a lot of fun! I wish I had taken some pictures but I was too busy loading all of the stuff into Adams truck! At some point they will take all of the toys to the kids...such a great thing to do :)

Sorry, that was a long story but that's about the only interesting this that has happened so far. The people are supposed to be coming to fix our internet..we have a crappy signal so they are going to bring us our own router..but who knows when that will be! I will try to write tomorrow and let you know how the game goes today!

Oh yeah...my Birthday is Friday..just in case you forgot :)


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