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February 15, 2009

Ok, I will admit that...

I have serious issues. Adam and I really love to people watch...and personally, I think that the airport is by far, the best place to do this at. But right now as I sit at Starbucks and drink my White Chocolate Mocha, I have concluded that this place might take first place in my book. I was sitting here just a few minutes ago listening to this college girl talk to some frat-looking guy about all of her ex boyfriends. So while just as she is getting to the good part about her last ex who had all of these issues because his Grandmother died..I noticed something very strange..or so I thought. I saw this business man sitting in the corner, sipping on his frappachino..talking/mumbling to himself. I tried to make is not-so-obvious that I was staring, but I really couldn't help myself. He was going on and on and on about something pretty intense and I am thinking 'this guy is psycho, he's like, having an argument..with himself .' Then it hit me..just when I thought that I wasn't the weirdest person after all.. He was on his Blue tooth phone piece. For goodness sake people..those things just make you look insane! Just thought I would share that with you. Really, if you have nothing fun to do during the day..find a Starbucks and drift away into everyone elses life stories..it's fun.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE...I am going to Phoenix early!! I was originally scheduled to leave March 3rd, but I just can't stand it anymore...I am going to leave around the 24th. My brothers girlfriends mom (got that??) works for Delta and is letting me use a Buddy Pass..whoot whoot. I was going to surprise Adam and show up at the hotel, but when he told me that he was thinking about flying me out there early and was going to go online when he got back to the hotel and look at tickets, I figured that I should probably tell him. And who am I kidding?? I can't keep a secret like that if my life depended on it! I remember back in the day we used to BEG my Mom to let us tell her what we got her for her Birthday..I get way too excited! I will know for sure in the morning as to what day I will be leaving. I can't wait!!

Adam has been in Phoenix for 2 days now and has been to the field to practice some. He said that he has been hitting pretty well so far. I pray that he keeps up the good work. (Oh my gosh, I promise you that a guy looking IDENTICAL to Richard Simmons just walked in...)..ok where was I?? OHH..yeah..baseball. Every time I mention to Adam about trying to find a place in SLC to live he always responds with,"You mean, Anaheim,right?" He's so positive about it all..we can only hope and pray! Hopefully this will be the last year with the Angels! I will tell Adam to get on here and post a blog about whats been going on.

Tomorrow I am going to take Hunter to karate, so I will try to snap a few pictures to post on here! I found a pretty funny picture the other day while cleaning my room..so I thought I would share it with you, it's not very clear because it's a picture..of a picture...but it's me and my best friend Kristen in the 5th grade..I am going to go ahead and apologize for the bangs..for both of us..and just try to keep in mind that we all went through an ugly stage of our lives...

The pigtails....What were we thinking??

Many years later...

Look how AMAZING we turned out?!!!!!

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  1. I love it! Did you curl the top 1/2 of your bands up and the bottom 1/2 down then spray liberally with aquanet? Ahh...the good days. Tell Adam we are praying for him!!

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