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July 4, 2011

the joys of moving....

I am proud to announce that we no longer live on a college campus!!!! I wish you knew how much this excites me as I have been counting down the minutes days until it was moving time.  Friday was moving day, so I took off work because, naturally we hadn't packed a thing up until about 3 hours before we were loading up the trucks and trailer.  And I say "we" because Adam had little to no sympathy that I am over 9 months pregnant and it was 100 degrees outside so I was put to work. I was okay with that though because I mean, if worst came to worst I would just go into labor. And honestly, that would be fine with me! Unfortunately though, I'm still pregnant, and my legs are still super sore!

We couldn't move into the new apartment until 2:00 so around 1:30 or so we headed over so we could sign the lease.  After a few kinks we got worked out we had the keys and went to check it out.  We were walking around making sure everything was ok before we moved everything in and all of a sudden Adam comes storming out of the laundry room like a rabid tiger.  There is no washer and dryer!! Apparently there was a "miscommunication" when we first were looking into these apartments and they failed to mention that the washer/dryer wasn't included.  That was the only major issue we had that day. We are just going to have to either find some cheap ones for sale, or bite the bullet and buy new ones.  I mean, eventually we are going to have to buy them anyways. Why not now when we are expecting a baby, Adam is in school, I'm taking off work for 12 weeks, and we are paying rent at two different apartments....RIGHT!!!??? 

Sounds like the perfect time to me!

Our new place is much bigger than the last which is fan-freakin-tastic because we have a crap ton of stuff now that we have all of Presley's stuff.  We have an attached garage and it's just nicer all around. Most importantly though, Presley has a room! That was the first and most important project we took on as soon as we got all of the stuff in.  Adam and my Mom put together the bed and dresser which was interesting.

I'm just wondering, has anyone ever put together a crib without having to take it apart 15 times because something was attached wrong?! If so, I'd like to meet that genius..and hire them to assemble our next project.

We don't have a changing table, but I am now wondering if we should get one?! At first I was sure we wouldn't need it, but I'm having second thoughts and kinda sorta really freaking out that we don't have one.  

I will post pics of her room once we are totally done.  I have to exchange a few things, get curtains, and we have to hang up her pictures still.

Until then here are a few pictures off of my phone!

I'm pretty sure this is before they had to take it apart for the first time.

 Ta-Da! FYI: that mobile is super high-tech.  It has a remote control so I can turn it on an off from outside of her room.  BAM!


Toasty relaxing...only for a minute though!

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  1. Quick! Take it from a girl who moves all the time and rent a washer/dryer from rent-a-center! If you're not ready to buy, you can rent till you're ready :)

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