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July 28, 2011

two weeks??

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I gave life to the worlds cutest meatball??

It probably just surprises me because these days my mind is one big blur. Sleep, feed, burp, change diaper, bathe, and repeat.  

Thankfully Presley sleeps the majority of the day and all throughout the night.  She sleeps in her pack-n-play right next to our bed and when I start to hear her whimpering I pick her up and feed her, so she never really gets too hysterical and awake in the middle of the night.  For a few nights in the very beginning she was sleeping in the bed with us because my back hurt so bad I couldn't bend down to reach her.  Now that I've come to my senses I've been putting her back in her bed, at least until around her 7 AM feeding, then she snuggles with us me.  

I've put breast feeding on the back burner.  I'm still pumping every morning and that makes about 2 bottles of breast milk a day for her.  She gets formula for the rest of the feedings.  And let me tell you, formula is much much easier! The burps and spit up definitely smell worse, but that's fine! The good thing about pumping is that if we are in a pickle and I don't have a bottle, I can still breastfeed because my milk supply is still golden! Cha Ching!

We are still working on a routine, although once Adam starts back to school I am sure it will change.  Right now our nightly routine works out great.  Adam is a night owl so he stays up pretty late.  I usually try to get into bed around 8 or 9 while he watches the baby.  He will feed her around 9 or 10 and she will go back to sleep.  When he comes to bed around 12 or 1 she will usually eat again (I wake up and feed her) and Adam is off duty at that point.  So I get a good few hours of uninterrupted sleep! 

Last night was Heavenly though...Adam didn't come to bed until 4 AM! So that means I got 7 hours of sleep! I was a new woman this morning...I could definitely get used to that!

I've been going to the chiropractor for my back, I think it's helping a little bit.  I'm going to give it a few more times and then move on to something different if I don't notice any changes.  Going every other day gets expensive when you have to pay a $35 co pay every time- but man, I looooove to have my back and neck popped!

Adam has been such a great helper with Presley.  He's done his fare share of dirty diapers and spit up, for sure!  Right now it's still pretty easy because she sleeps all the time, but I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to get pretty crazy! I can't wait!

This picture pretty much sums it all up! POOPED!

That's the face she makes after eating..she's full!

Love these two to pieces!

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  1. Yes Yes!! Imagine... that feeling with another little one running around x's colic! Get your rest pertdy lady!!! she is beautiful!

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