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April 20, 2009


Adam is back on track with his swing (I hope I didn't just jinx him!). Last night he ended up getting in the game and got a single and a double! Yahoooo! I was like a proud Mama :) He is playing in tonight's game and so far his first at bat he got a double...(ok he is up to bat right now...HOLY COW....he just got ANOTHER double..that's two in one night people!)

Sooo, earlier I was sitting here thinking,"Hmm, I wonder how many blogs I have posted since stating this?!?!" Can you guess how many I have done? (And don't scroll down and cheat by adding up all of the numbers..)..ok, give up? 184. That is including our old blog. Can you believe it..that our life is so interesting crazy that we could come up with that many things to write about. My oh my, it's like I am just growing up right before your eyes....**sniff**

Today I had a busy day, I started my morning off by going up to my school to print off my resume. I sat down with my advisor as he was looking over it and do you know what that nice young chap did for me? (probably not)..he like, totally made over my resume..it's nice and purtty now! I printed off a bunch then drove alllll around town to the nice spas that I liked. Out of all the spas I went to today, only one of them said they were hiring and that they would call me soon..yehawww!

Right now all of the girlies are over here, Jenny made some yummy chicken and potatoes...and get this...I tried an artichoke for the first time ever..and I friggin' love it! I can't wait to make Adam try it...Yummm...nom nom nom. I love having all of the girls over..they are like family (but not as crazy.....HA..just kidding...maybe..ok yes, I'm kidding).

Ok, one last thing...last night I was re-reading my last post and I can't believe how illiterate it was. I probably misspelled every other word. For the record, I am an amazing speller..but the fact that my keyboard is difficult would make you think otherwise..so, I am going to apologize in advance for all other illiterate posts in the future..spell check doesn't always correct everything..

Have a good night! Sorry, no pictures to post!

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