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April 3, 2009

Pack Up & Move Out

That is the story of our lives! I have so much to do before we leave on Sunday..and as all procrastinators do, I am writing this blog instead of going to start the laundry!

I think we have finally found a place to live..yahoooo! We are going to live in the same neighborhood that we lived in last year, but in a different house! We had originally wanted to live downtown this year to save some money, but it turned out that we probably wouldn't be saving money because it's way more expensive to live in the downtown area! The good thing about where we are living this year is that we already know the area is nice, and when Tanner and I are by ourselves for 8-9 days at a time, we feel very safe, and I don't know if I could say the same thing if we were living downtown. There are A LOT of homeless people downtown that wonder alllll over the place, so I don't know how well we would sleep at night knowing the guys aren't there to keep us safe! (Which reminds me, have I ever told the story of when Adam lived next door to me and made me search his house with a baseball bat before he went in because he thought someone was in there?..yeah, I see who the protector of the relationship is....). We are going to live with Terry, Tanner and Asher Evans, and a guy named Chris Petit, he is a super sweet guy and I think it is the perfect fit! It's a 4 bedroom house, so we do have an extra room, but we are going to all use that room to store all of our extra stuff..I mean, can you even imagine how many suitcases there will be between all of us?!?! Adam and I have 7 or 8 just for ourselves! I just looked on my phone and it says it is snowing in SLC, uggggghhhh! I am already dreading the first baseball game, and it is still 6 days away. Althoughhhhh, it would be nice if I could go skiing pretty soon!

Oh my goodness, let me just tell you about this non-sense that happened on April Fools Day. Being the child that I am, I was sooooooo excited about getting Adam on this day. I just knew that he wouldn't know that it was the first..so I'm thinkin I am going to get him really good! We started the day off in the car on the way to the field listening to JohnJay & Rich, just a local radio show. Well, they were going on and on about how at 8:34 (and 32 seconds, to be exact) that Venus and Saturn were going to be in the same exact alignment and if you jump in the air at 8:34 and 32 seconds, you will "float" for just one second because of a gravitational pull..or something like that..so Adam and I are like,"Well, are you gonna jump?" and I'm like, "Uhhh....yeah."..like DUH..We are still listening to them and we keep hearing a faint noise of a cat meowing...

Adam: "Do you hear that?"

Me:" Yeah, that's weird.."

Adam: "Is there a cat in here? You know, sometimes cats will crawl up into the engines of cars and get stuck..."

Me: (Silently freaking out in my head).."Should we pull over????"

After turning the radio down for a while and changing the station, we finally figured out that it was on the radio station...it was one of their jokes ..and do you know what ALSO was an April Fools Day joke??? Yes, the story about jumping at 8:34 and floating....Yeah, see the thing about that is that I forgot to jump at that time..but Adam?? You better believe he jumped..and the funny thing about it is that he was so excited about it that he told like, 3 other guys at the field about it..so they jumped too! Hahahahahahaha...I can only imagine the looks on their faces when Adam tells them it was all a joke. Adam felt a little dumb I think..he didn't find out until last night that it was a joke..

Later on that night Adam and I went to the last Bible study of the spring. After it was over we were talking to Brian (the leader) and he had asked me what I was doing on Saturday because his wife was needing my help! So, I am thinking. 'Ohhh ok..maybe she just wants me to watch her kids while she runs her errands..because you know, that's what I am good at...watching kids.....ok I can do that.' But, that wasn't the case..he says," Yeah, Kim runs a business where people have parties and she comes in a brings massage therapists, estheticians, and nail people and people get pampered and she needs a massage therapist."....Uhhhhhh HECK YES I'LL DO IT!! Okay, I didn't say it like that..but I wanted to. Kim and I talked today and it is going to be great! I only have to give 5 massages, 30 minutes each..and I am going to be making a butt load of money (and just in case you aren't aware of it, a butt load is a wholllllle lotta lot.) It's been a while since I have given a massage, but you can't go wrong with a 30 minute one, it's not enough time to run out of techniques to use...pheeww! It will be good practice to get me back in gear before I start massaging again in SLC soon!

Yesterday I went and bought a polarized lens filter thingy-ma-jig for our camera. I am not 100% sure as to exactly what it does, but I do know that it makes the pictures that are taken in bright sunlight not so bright..or something like that. After that I had to go to the eye doctor because I needed new contacts and my prescription was expired..so I made an appt at the last minute..not knowing if the place I was going was a dump..or if the doctor was even legit. Thankfully, it was a very nice place, and I would say the doctor was legit..but she was quite a nutcase. But they were all very nice I now have new contacts.

I just lost my whole train of thought...crap.

I am about to get ready and then head over to the game today. I will get Adam to blog either today or tomorrow and he will give you a little somethin' somthin' about how he is feeling so far!

Later gator!

I feel like I am really workin my lazy eye in this pic..but Toasty looks good

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