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April 11, 2009

One Game Down...

Last night was the first game here in SLC! The Bee's played the Reno Ace's..and I think the Bee's won?!?! All of the girls sat up in a suite so, I don't really think anyone payed attention. I especially didn't pay attention because Adam didn't even play! Blah! But, I think he will be playing more often now because Reggie Willits got called up. That makes us double happy (if that makes any sense) because we are happy for Reggie and his fam that he is back in Anaheim, and Toasty gets to play more! Although, I will miss getting to play with his adorable kiddos! Last night before the game they had a tribute to Nick. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it or not, it seems like the more stuff I see on the news, ESPN, pretty much everywhere, it gets harder to watch. I didn't really get to know Nick that well until spring training this year. He spent the day at the pool with me and two other girls one day-he didn't have to go to the field that day since he didn't have to pitch that day. He was such a funny person to be around. So carefree and sweet. So now that he is gone it's hard to watch all of the other guys talking about him, because he really was such a great guy. But, like Soscia said, the game must go on..but definitely with Nick in everyone's heart.

I am still on the hunt for a job. I am looking for another Massage Therapy job at some spas here. I have a few really nice spas in mind, I don't think I will be making the mistake that I made last year-working at a place that wasn't that nice. It turns out that I have to re-do my resume though, which I am not too excited about! I thought that I could just go by my school and use the one I did then, but it is no longer available! So I have to try and remember what all I had on it. You would think it wouldn't be that difficult, but I have to remember exactly how many hours I had in training of all sorts of things. So, that is my task for today and tomorrow!

Today is a 2:00 game, so I am about to work out, then get ready for that! After the game the team has to make an appearance at the Utah Jazz basketball game during half time! They do this every year, but I will take some pictures this time! I will post tomorrow on how the game goes today! Hollllerrrrrr!


Nick's locker in SLC. (Did anyone notice that in the locker to the left of his, the guy uses Bath & Body Works lotion??..hmm..looks like Juniper Breeze?!! )

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  1. Hey! if you need clinic and class hours, let me know... I can look it up if you still need it.

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