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April 9, 2009

RIP Nick Adenhart

This morning Adam and I woke up to devastating news. I came upstairs and saw on the news that his teammate, Nick Adenhart (22 years old), had been killed in a car accident around 12:20AM. I quickly ran back downstairs in the dungeon to tell Adam and we watched the news all morning, in pure shock. Nick pitched in last nights game (Angels vs A's) pitching 6 shut out innings, then got in the car with 3 friends of his when a guy in a mini van hit them at 80 MPH, sending them striaght into a pole. The driver of the minivan fled from the scene but was caught..he was drunk. Did I happen to mention that the drunk driver had previously been arrested for a DUI?? Seriously? Two of the peopl in the car with Nick were pronounced dead at the scene, but Nick was not pronounced dead until around 6 this morning, after he went into surgery. His Dad was in Anaheim to watch him pitch last night, it was his 4th time pitching in the big league for the Angels, little did he know that he would be cleaning out his sons locker this morning. I can't even imagine how hard that was for him, and how hard the plane ride from Maryland to California will be for his Mom. He spent the whole season in Salt Lake last year, so all of his friends are all of the guys on the team here. Nick was an only child, so please keep his family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. We will be sure to update if any more details arise.

Here are a few articles that have been posted online:

Angels Adenhard Killed in Car Crash

Former Bees Pitcher Killed

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  1. Hi You dont know me, but I found your blog on google blog. I saw your post about Nick Adenhart. It just makes me so sad.

    I cannot believe they are charging the guy with a DUI........he should be charged for murder!!!

    My prayers are with his family,friends, teammates and those who just loved him. He will be missed.

    God bless you all

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  2. Our prayers are with you. Hopefully God can use this for his purposes to bring others to himself.

    I sat with Nick's mom, step dad and step brother (?) at a game in Des Moines last year, and will pray for them especially.


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