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April 14, 2009

Last Nights Game

Yesterday before Adam left to go to the field, he mentioned that I should probably just stay at home because he would most likely not be playing since he didn't get any hits the night before. So, when he wrote me a text message a little later on saying that he was DH-ing (Hitting in place of the pitcher, because in their league the pitcher doesn't bat...I think), I laughed..really hard. I was a little worried because he wasn't feeling good at the plate, and couldn't get his swing like he had it in spring training. But when I got to the game, they guy that guards the players parking lot told me that he had done pretty good so far, phhheeew! Here is how he did last night:

1st at bat- Grounded out to the second baseman
2nd at bat- doubles on a fly ball to left fielder. Chris Pettit and Terry Evans scored.
3rd at bat- He walked, and later on scored a run
4th at bat- Grounded out to the pitcher.

So, there ya go! Oh yeah, I thought it was kind of corny, but he got the "Electrifying Play of the Game.." Ya know, whatever it takes though to bring his spirits up :)

He is playing RF again tonight, but we are waiting to see if the game is going to be cancelled or not, it's been raining all day and it doesn't look like it's going to clear out anytime soon. I mean, seriously, couldn't last nights game been cancelled since my favorite show came on? Of course not! Why would my luck turn out like that? Thankfully I am going to pick up the DVR today so we can start to record all of my shows..because believe me when I say that nobody else in the house wants to watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon...

Brace yourself..I am gonna go cook...have a g'day mate!


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