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August 20, 2012

back to the hood we go!

Now that it's officially official I can tell all my homies that we are moving back to da hood because Adam got a job!

Well, we aren't moving to the ghetto, but Adam will be the assistant baseball coach at a community college..in the ghetto!


Ever heard of Lawson State Community College?

Yeah, me neither.

But who cares! They hired Adam so obviously it's about time I pull all of my hoodrat skeletons outta the closet and embrace this new journey!

When Adam started the job search he obviously applied to all SEC colleges, a few in Utah, and some other (D1) colleges that had great baseball programs. He did interview at a few really great places, but since he was just the graduate assistant at Alabama he never got any recruiting experience. And that is what most head coaches want when they hire someone to join their staff.  He did have to opportunity to interview at some other schools without the recruiting experience, but the job would always be given to a guy who was an alumni of the school.

We realized that we were just going to have to duke it out for a year or so while he got some experience and then hopefully we can move to a better known college!

It should be a nice transition because it's only 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa, and we will be living a few miles away from my best friend!

That part I am pretty pumped about! The fact that we will also be living 5 miles from a Babies R' Us gets me a little excited, too. I love that place.

The living situation has been a fun (hellacious) one. We looked at apartments, condos, town homes, called about some houses. About half way through our search we realized we were going to have to up our budget if we wanted to stay in the nicer areas. We found some newly built, very nice, and pretty expensive apartments we liked and felt they were safe. They are also about 3 miles from the school.

This all took place last Thursday. 

The only thing that was holding us back was that Adam had "officially" signed the papers stating that he was hired so we were hesitant to sign a lease. 

Today he was officially hired and had all of the papers signed. I got right on the ball and called the apartments to let them know that Adam would be bringing everything they needed and he would sign the lease. It was going to be all rainbows and unicorns!

"Ma'am, we rented out our last apartment on Saturday."

::cue the profusely sweating and pooping of the pants::

I started scrambling to find somewhere else to live, in a totally different area that we were wanting (we were wanting Homewood, but started searching in Hoover) and I got in touch with a few really nice places.It was going to be more expensive and a lengthy drive for Adam.

Long story short, I set up appointments to go look at places for tomorrow. I searched every rental website known to mankind in between changing Presley's 43 poopy diapers (yeah, thanks for that). In the mean time, I get a call from the leasing agent at our original apartment place saying that the people they rented the last apartment to got DENIED to move in. So it was up for grabs and it was ours!

I called Adam and told him, and he is on his way up there as we speak to get everything taken care of! And BONUS...we got a downstairs unit! I hate stairs. I don't care if Bigfoot lives above us!

Any who, so that's basically the gist of it all. We are going to ride it out for however long it takes for Adam to move up in the coaching world!

Sorry, no pics to post but that's because I've gotta hurry off to learn some new hoodrat slang!



  1. Woot! Woot! Get your gangsta on girl!!

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    1. Guh, my gangsta in ON! I'm gonna pwn dat hood!

      See? YAY!

  2. Woo Hoo! Thats great that the job situation is taken care of and you got the apartments you wanted!

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    1. Yeah! It was a relief, and with the job situation not being what we were exactly hoping for it was nice knowing that we could at least livewhere we liked!

  3. Congrats! I'm also job searching so I can feel his relief!

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    1. Thanks! Good luck on your job search! If you get desperate just come on over to Lawson State, I'm sure they'd hire ya! HA!