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August 21, 2012

food fight

We are currently in a rut when it comes to feeding the babe.  Gone are the days where I slave over the stove and Baby Bullet to make her food.  I sometimes try to give her some pureed fruit and she take one bite before throwing a hissy fit.  Feeding her all table food is much harder, in my opinion.  All of the washing and cutting everything into tiny pieces so she doesn't choke takes so long! But the cutting..I mean..it's just so annoying because you obviously don't want your child to choke on a grape, but you also want them to be able to pick the squishy thing up between their tiny little fingers. So, I have yet to find the perfect grape cutting technique.

Luckily for me, Presley basically skips the chewing process and prefers to swallow everything whole. Homie ain't got time to chew, she's gonna finish lunch in record time! Seriously, I almost picked out the grapes from her poopfestdiaper yesterday to show Adam because it was basically amazing. Somehow I don't think he would've been as impressed as I was.

I always say I don't want Presley to be the child who only eats macaroni and chicken nuggets but so far that's basically where we're at. So, I'm on a quest to fix that!

It has been a little more difficult since we've been on the go so much for the past few weeks.  Going on vacation and then staying with my Mom and Step Dad until we move again (tomorrow! YAY!) makes it difficult to stock up on healthier groceries. I am super-dee-duper (sorry, too much Barney in my life) excited that moving to Birmingham also means there is a wider variety of health food stores. We are about 8 miles from a Whole Foods Market, and I will try to get most of Presleys food from there. Adam and I may be eating Ramen every night but PSwizz will be eating healthy :)

Right now Presley currently loves the Morning Star Chicken Nuggets. I have always loved Morning Star and I'm willing to be that I've eaten my weight in their corn dogs. You can't even tell that it's not real meat which I love. I don't know why we haven't given P anything but the chicken nuggets, I guess I should grab a few different items of theirs and try them with her.

Recently, Presley has been on a may-jah fruit kick. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, and watermelon are her faves so far! Adam and I don't eat the more exotic fruit but I guess it's because we've never really tried it. I bought a mango once and had to watch a YouTube video on how to cut it. Which I clearly failed at so I just threw it away. If anyone has any helpful hints on how to prepare weird fruit then help a sista out!

Yogurt Melts are like Cocaine around here. It's a shame that for the price you pay you only get a small pack of these mugs. We usually mix these in with some Cheerios or Baby Goldfish. I'm also guilty for eating half the pack of these :)

Breakfast for Presley is sometimes blueberry pancakes, a waffle, or eggs. Since we are staying at my Moms right now and have a chicken coup right outside our door, it's pretty fun to go out there and pick out the eggs and then eat them! Presley loves eggs which is just lovely since I hate the smell, taste, and feel of them. YAY!

This is one of the more unhealthy things I feed P. I'm trying to stop, but they're so convenient! I used to give her the regular ol' Easy Mac, but after giving her shells and cheese one time I figured these taste better! You're welcome P!

This is basically me just saying Presley loves watermelon, which I've already stated. I just liked the picture. Also, serious question..can my child actually turn into a watermelon if she eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner??

If you've got any good (and healthy) recipes for a toddler, please send them my way! Or, forget the recipes, just send us some healthy food and snack...'preciate it!!!


  1. Noah eats waffles, chicken nuggets, yogurt, pb&j's and fruit. And that's IT. No joke. So don't feel bad! :)

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  2. I made the mistake of giving him as many raisins as he wanted....those things come back out as grapes.

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  3. Ugh glad I'm not the only one. I fed G oatmeal for dinner tonight Cruz bitch threw everything else on the floor.

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  4. I was def. a mac and cheese kid growing up and still am, though I have opened up a bit as I got older. Good luck girl.

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