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August 30, 2012


Can you believe that I actually just sat here for 5 minutes trying to decide what to title this lousy post? 


People are always saying how P looks exactly like me.  I usually agree and say that I did all the hard work, so she better look like me! Poor Adam wants just one person to say that she looks nothing like me and exactly like him.  It would seriously make his life if someone said that to him! 

This was a for real convo between Adam and our waitress at lunch one day (Mr. Bills, so you can imagine the type of waitress we were dealing with).

Adam (to our waitress): "Ok, so you do you think she looks like (pointing to P)?

Waitress: **steps back, looks at me, looks at Presley, looks at Adam, and then back to P** 

"Like 'er mama! Yup, look nothin' like ya!"

Me: **trying to slip her $20 to retract that statement and say she is his twin.

As PSwizz gets a little older, I find myself seeing things about her that do look like him. For instance, the shape of her face is like his. I had more of a skinnier face when I was little. And the facial expressions she makes are identical to him, too. And let's not forget that she gets her little curly locks from him.  I had feathery stringy hair!

I decided it was time to do a side by side comparison! I'm not sure if we are all at the same age in these pictures but it's all I could find! I was surprised at how much P and Adam do look alike though!


Ok, now everyone email, text, and call Adam and tell him that Presley is his little doppleganger.



  1. HA! I loved reading this. Yep, her face shape does look like his...but my final conclusion is this:
    "Yup, like 'er mama."

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  2. It's already scary enough that she looks like me, but then add on that she acts just like me too and we are set for destruction!

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  3. I can see it...a little! :)
    But she is def. her mama!

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