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August 23, 2012

home sweet home!


Sorry for not posting yesterday, we got up bright and early in a Uhaul and headed to our new apartment!  With the help of my younger brother everything was moved into the house in about an hour.  Now we are up to our eyeballs in boxes that need to be unpacked!

As we unpack we are also getting rid of a TON of crap. I mean, we just have so much unnecessary stuff it's unreal.  If we are going to be moving every few years we just have to part with some things. I mean, I have two 8 piece sets of Pyrex thingy-ma-bobs, 2 sets of dishes, a bajillion cups, 2 sets of silverware, and about 10 platters (no joke).  Hopefully this will make our next move a little easier!

One thing that is odd about our new place. We pay $1000+ a month for this place and it didn't come with a microwave. I thought that was really weird.  We also got the very last 2BR/2BA they had available (and that was a fiasco it's self) so we are stuck with the handicapped apartment. They only differences are that there aren't as many bottom cabinets in the kitchen, and in the master bathroom we have rails by the toilet and in the shower?! I joked with the office that since we have the handicapped unit if they'd give us a handicapped parking decal..but sadly, they didn't :)

Things are slowly getting unpacked though. The first task was to put Presley's crib back together and I just wanna say...I'd like 5 minutes with the dill hole who decided a baby crib needed 50 pieces and 99 different screws.  Oy.  But I did it without any help and so far the crib hasn't collapsed on Presley while she sleeps. That's always good.

We are also having to buy a new washing machine.  Adam went to go wash his coaching gear last night and the tub never drained.  Thankfully, Birmingham has a good selection on Craigslist and I have emailed a few people about a washer. 

It is so nice to finally be able to unpack our suitcases and have all of our own furniture back.  We are so thankful for our family who let us stay with them while we were on this crazy job hunt!

I'll post pics later, gotta go get the little girl outta bed!


  1. Congrats on the new place!

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    1. Thanks! Finally getting settled in!

  2. Congrats on the move...We'll be doing that next weekend our selves

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    1. Thanks! And good luck with the move! I'm happy to say that Adam and I didn't kill each other while we moved everything...YAY!

  3. There is a place in Birmingham called Lewies Appliances. They sell used appliances that we fully re conditioned and re furnished. They include 90 day warranties and they start at 125.00. Much easier than looking et Craigslist :)

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    1. THANK YOU! I just Googled them and I think we will stop by tomorrow and see what they've got!