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August 15, 2012

my pet peeves

Today I am participating with Heather in a fun series that she is doing over on her blog. She is doing a *30 things in 30 days about me* little get-up and I thought I would join on some of the fun surverys.

Some of the surverys she has already done are things like "20 Random Facts" , "Dream Job", and some other fun ones.

Today's (which she actually did yesterday) is about pet peeves.

Which I just so happen to have several of!

1) My main pet peeve is people picking at their finger nails. And let me tell you, I am married to the President of the FingerNailPickersAssociation. I probably tell him 25 times a day to stop picking his nails. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to annoy me. I can honestly hear someone picking their nails from a mile away. It's absurd and I'm super anal about it.

2) People leaning over me and resting their chin on my shoulder. THAT! AH! It literally gives me shiver down my spines. I think between the boney part of the chin poking me and the breathing near my face, I turn into a psycho and start convulsing.

I dunno.

I'm weird.

3) If I'm riding in the car with you while it's raining, and then it stops raining but you still have your windsheild wipers on? Yeah, I'm gonna basically claw my eyeballs out because of the schreaching noise the wipers make on a dry windsheild.

4) Another pet peeve of mine is when the food on my plates touch. I'm that really difficult person at the table who orders a bunch of food on seperate plates. City Cafe is about the only place where it doesn't bother me and I have yet to figure out why.

5) The way Adam chews.


I don't know why it bothers me. But it's like, he chews every single bite SO much! I'm telling you, he even chews things like ice cream. I was not aware that those types of things needed chewing but apparently he likes every little particle dissolved before he swallows. And it's loud. Like, I can hear his top and bottom teeth hit..and chomp.

6) Other people doing my laundry. No specific reason except that I'm just really anal about the sorting of the clothes, and I don't dry a lot of things.

7) I don't really mean to pick on Toasty but, considering we spend so much time together I really only have him to harp on about everything. Another thing that he does that annoys me is, like, when I say, "oh babe! Look look look!" (mainly when P does something or when I am watching TV)..he never looks! He will finish what he is doing and then look up. And by that time it's over with.

8) I can't stand for the sheets to not be tucked in at the foot of the bed. I like for the covers to be even and not jumbled.

9) News reporters voices. Like, why do they all talk in the same tone of voice?

You know exactly what I'm talking about!

10) People driving 20 miles UNDER the speed limit but are in the fast lane.

Yeah, that get's my blood pressure pumpin'.

Move it or lose it sister!

Wow, look how lovely I am to be around!!!

I could go on all day.

Who wants to be friends with this girl? LOL


  1. #7... Umm yes! And how about when the husband goes "oh my god!" or gasps and I run over and say "what? What?! WHAT?!??" and he doesn't respond. So.Annoying.

    #9: I totally noticed that the other day. Is there some sort of training for this or do they just practice on their own?

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    1. Haha I'm not sure if the news broadcasters take a class or what..but it drives me crazy, I usually just put it on mute :)

  2. So the chewing... You would lose your mind if you heard my husband, his jaw pops in addition to the regular chewing noises. There were times while pregnant (hormones made my pet peeves worse) where I would get violent urges because of his chewing!
    And the not looking thing? I'm glad to hear my husband isn't the only one who does that! He's missed so many cute moments!

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    1. There have been several times (especially when I was pregnant) that I had to leave the room when Adam was eating. Seriously, why must the murder the food?

  3. Tony comes up behind me and starts scratching my arms. He says he is showing affection, but he always starts to pick or scratch one part of my arm. He is a picker and it drives me crazy. I can feel my blood heating up!

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    1. Oh my gosh, I seriously just shivered thinking about the sound of him scratching and picking at your arm! AHHHHHH! I would die!

  4. I hate when people breathe, esp. the hubs when he's sleeping.

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