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August 2, 2012

birthday party

We had Presley and Hunter's birthday party a few weeks ago. Their birthdays are exactly a week apart so we figured it would be easier to have a joint birthday party, rather than asking family to come into town two weekends in a row. Plus, it's cheaper that way :)

You know, I had my Pinterest board just'a goin'. Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers? I was gonna make em'! Centerpieces and other table decor? I was gonna murder the HobLob aisles. The food was going to be fun and creative, all having a Mickey or Minnie theme.


It was going to be legit.

It was also going to send me into convulsions trying to get it all put together. So what did I do?

We hit up Wally World and bought every cotton pickin' Minnie Mouse decoration they had! And it was fabulous..ghetto fabulous, that is.

Maybe I will be a little more Martha Stewart next year. But with us moving and with it being a joint birthday party, I didn't want to go overboard on her decorations. Hunter's theme was The Avengers.

I know.


We also hit up Wal Mart and got all of his stuff.

The whole week before the party it rained. All day and all night. I was constantly checking the weather on my phone and there was a 50% chance of rain for Saturday. I decided to not stress about it. Rain or shine, we were gonna party!

The party was held at my brothers house and we rented a 16 foot blow-up water slide! The decorations and junk were set up in the garage (also ghetto fabulous). The slide people came and set that up, then the peeps started rolling in! We had friends and family (from out of town) come and it was so much fun! The slide was definitely a hit since it was a little toasty outside.

There was cake.

There was presents.

There was a pinata.

And there was me in a bikini.

I know.


If we were paying $$$ for that slide, then by golly I was gonna participate!

Adam didn't, he said the water was too cold.

I don't even know him anymore.

The weather was perfect. Sunny, breezy, and clear skies! The party ended at 2:00, and at 3:00 it started to rain. So we got lucky!

Hunter and Presley got tons of gifts. Presley hated her smash cakes. She was exhausted and hated everyone and everything. She was super grouchy the whole time. It was fantastic. I was about 5 seconds away from calling a babysitter to come get her FROM HER OWN PARTY!

Adam took her home as soon as the party ended while I helped with clean up. She napped. She napped hard.

And that's it. It was a success! When it came down to it, yes, I could've spent tons of time and money planning and decorating for this party. Hand-making everything. But I didn't. And we still had a great time!

We took a ton of pictures, but I am just going to post a few. Like I said, don't expect a Pinterest type of party from me!

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  1. OMG I want a slide now at Ethans birthday! That looks like so much fun! Glad to hear that P had a great day.

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