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August 7, 2012

Michigan Trip- Part 1

A few weeks ago we headed up to Suttons Bay, MI for our first family vacation! We call it "The Farm" because back in the day it was a cherry tree farm (I think?!).  His Grandpa has a condo across the street from the farm and lives up there during the summer. He then goes down to FL for the winter, but during the summer is when his family travels up there and stays for a while! The farm property there is located right on the water with an old bigger house, a smaller house next to it, and a barn. OH! And the outhouse :)

The farm house has always been very well maintained, so we all stayed there when we visited! We were so excited to be able to coordinate our trip when most of his family was up there.  We bought our plane tickets and prayed that Adams job situation would hold off until we got back. I was extrememly nervous about flying with Presley because, um, hello? She can be a little..oh, how do I say this....TerrorFussyBrattyBitchyPants sometimes.

 We were flying out of Atlanta early Wednesday morning, so we decided to stay with a friend on Tuesday night, and she would drop us off at the airport the next morning. It was perfect because we left our car at her house instead of paying to leave it at the airport. I'll spare you all of the lovely happenings at the airport (it involved me losing my phone and having to go through security a 2nd time, almost missing the flight, and then finding out that I just left my phone in the car. It was super.)

When booking the flight we thought we were really smart by timing it during naptime. It would be perfect. She would sleep the whole time, right?


She cried. Cried some more. Arched her back and threw her head. Screamed bloody murder. Dozed off. Woke up 15 minutes later. Cried. And screamed some more.

And knowing that we had to do it all over on our way back home literally haunted me during the whole trip.

Also, just to clear things up, her ears were not bothering her. We were constantly giving her juice, snacks, and her paci!

One question:

Why in the name of everything good and holy isn't there a special part of the airplane specifically for babies? There should be a sound proof room filled with little toys and places for babies to nap, little TV's, and high chairs. I wouldn't even care if it was just a sound proof room where you could let your child scream without feeling bad for annoying the other passengers. I'd pay big bucks for that!

So anyways, we survived. I appologized to everyone in our surrounding area 50 times.

We arrived in Suttons Bay where were greeted with cooler weather, no humidity, and not a care in the world!

More to come later!

Before DramaBaby's breakdown

I think you can see the fear in mine and Adams eyes here. Look at P, just gearing up to put on a show.

Once we arrived! This is the back of the house!

Looking out from the back of the house.

The old barn!

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