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August 12, 2012

Nomading Around

I haven't updated the job status in a while! Right now we are waiting to hear back from a few colleges about a coaching job. Adam sent his resume out to TONS of schools but for the most part nobody is hiring. People also usually want someone with recruiting experience, which Adam does not have right now. I think in the beginning of this process we were sure that he'd definitely get a job at a school of our choice, but as time goes by we are realizing that we may have to lower out standards and just be thankful to get ANY sort of coaching job. We do realize that the first job he gets may not be where we would ideally like to be, but if it means that it's just a place for him to get some coaching and recruiting experience that can lead him to another (better) school then we will take it!

With that being said, one of the schools he's looking at is a community college in Birmingham. I've lived in Tuscaloosa for the majority of my life and I had never even heard of this school. That should tell you something right there :-)

There is also another school we are waiting to hear from but that will be a few more days before we know anything.

I had really hoped that we would end up somewhere outside of Alabama, but hopefully within the next few years that will be more realistic. Adam really wants to give coaching a shot, so we will go wherever he wants to go!

Thankfully I have a job that I can do anywhere, as many times as we have moved I have never had a problem getting a job as a massage therapist. I am nervous about moving somewhere unknown and having to put Presley in a day care where I don't know anyone. We were so so so lucky to have my Mom be her teacher at Valley View. I pray we will find somewhere like that, wherever we go!

Anywho, that's it for now. Once we get a job pinned down I will go into more details!

Love, peace, chicken grease,


  1. Good luck with the job hunt!

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  2. Thank you! We will definitely need all the luck we can get :-)

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