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August 13, 2012

why walk?

Here we are at 13 months old (insert sad & ugly cry face) and PDizzle is still not walking. I was totallyforsure that she'd be an early walker since Adam was walking at 9 months. I'm not exactly sure how old I was but I'm sure it was super amazing, like 6 weeks or something (14 months).

Adam and I have never really encouraged walking. We knew she would eventually do it and we figured the longer she crawled, the longer we could enjoy her as a "baby". I also always judge the people who have kids that won't stay in the stroller so they put their kid on the "leash". You know, disguised as a monkey on the kids back? I wanted to avoid that nonsense for as long as possible.

She has taken several steps but usually just squats down and starts crawling. We spent the weekend at my Dad & Step Moms house and Presley really started walking a bunch! I took some video but I'm blogging from my phone so I can't upload the video!

I think she is getting the hang of it and will be walking everywhere in no time!

Anyone have any spare leashes? :-)


  1. Oh yeah, she'll be on it in no time.
    When we got back from our honeymoon our niece started walking...hell we only were gone a week.

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    1. See! Exactly what I'm talking about! Once they figure it out they get all cocky and crap and are all,"Ohhh look at me, walking! Crawling is for losers!"

  2. Yay! Ethan is doing a lot of that squatting down instead of walk thing right now too. Its crazy how quickly things can change with kids.

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    1. I'm afraid that neither of us have much time left. We are doomed once they really figure it out!

  3. She will be a pro before you know it. Then she will be climbing on top of the tables :)

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  4. Definitely stock up on the leashes, this shit is INSANE now. But I can't tell you how fun it is to walk down the street with her, holding her hand :)

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