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August 8, 2012

Michigan Trip- Part 2

The days we spent at the farm would be my ideal definition of "vacation". We had no plans, we lounged around in either our bathing suits, or comfy clothes, spent most of the day haning out by the water, and ate great food. I may have put make up on one day while we were there. Every day Adam, P, and I would stroll to the downtown area, window shop, and go to the park. It really is so beautiful up there. It's so clean! There are no chain resturaunts, no hotels (just a few bed & breakfast places), no gas station, one grocery store, one post office, a tiny little movie theatre, and just the cutest little shops!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect while we were there. I think the warmest day was 77 degrees? Go ahead, get jealous!

After dinner most nights we would gather around outside and just chat. We also watched the Olympics some! It stays light outside until around 10:00 PM which was cool! We stayed up late playing cards, doing puzzles, making 'smores around a fire..you know, regular vacation stuff :)

The great thing about the water in Suttons Bay is that it's crystal clear with NO animals in it! Like, I didn't even see one tiny little fish while we were there. Something about the ecology of the water is off balance. I'm not sure, and I don't care. I normally don't like water with things living in it. Now, the water is pretty cold, but it wasn't unbearable.

One day while we were there we rented a paddle board. It was so much fun! Since the water is so clear, you just paddle along and can see the bottom the whole time! It is definitely one of my new favorite things to do, and I actually think they may be looking into getting one or two to keep up there!

Presley had so much fun out by the beach area. There was a tent that we would put up for her to sit under, and she would just play with some toys, eat some snacks, and throw around some rocks. There is also a swing that she loved too! We took her out on the kayak and the paddle board some, which was fun but the water was a little too cold for her. She also didn't really like the sand. RUDE!

 Obviously she was the center of attention 99% of time.  I don't think she was completely herself, but being in new surroundings, not having all 500 of her toys, and having to share a room with us I think made her a little grouchy. She was super clingy to Adam and I, but we did manage to get away some for a nice little dinner downtown.

We had so much fun, even if it was just doing nothing! We enjoyed spending time with his family that we don't get to see that often. This is definitely the start of a great tradition for our little family!

We took some pictures, but Uncle Dave was the main photographer while we were there! I know Adam is planning on putting together a little video of our trip. But until then I will share some random pictures we took!


  1. What a darling blog LOVE! So happy I found it :) Thanks for sharing!!


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  2. She looks adorable in that little bikini. :) Too freakin cute.

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